Defective fridge delivered

Sep 8, 2008
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I love that it takes 24 hours for a fridge to become available.

Cons:I trusted customer service, waited 24 hours, to find my food spoiled and fetid.

The Bottom Line:

Beware of the lack of support AFTER you purchase a Whirlpool.

I ordered a Whirlpool refrigerator (Model ED2KVEXV) from Grants Appliances Electronics in Merrillville, IN and it arrived broken on 9/03/08. I called hours after the installation because the refrigerator was on but was not cooling. I was told that it would take 24 hours for the fridge to be completely operational. I called customer service 24 hours later and spoke to Barbara. I found her attitude excessively rude and dismissive, especially since I had a legitimate complaint.

After being shuffled around from customer service to the store manager in Merrillville, I requested a different customer service representative because of Barbara's rudeness.

The next customer service rep, Sarah, offered reluctant cooperation in an exaggerated saccharine tone. Politely, rigidly and severely terse she attempted to antagonize the situation and avoid assistance, by repeatedly stating that it was not Grant's responsibility because Grants only delivers the appliances. The service rep completely ignored my logical reasoning that since I paid Grants for the fridge, I could only hold Grants responsible.

Next, I spoke with Whirlpool's customer service and they informed me that they would never replace the defective fridge, but would send someone out to look at it.

Another disturbing revelation, especially since I paid for a NEW refrigerator, I expected the defective refrigerator to be replaced with a new fridge.

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