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Sep 11, 2008
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Pros:Very quiet. Cleans great, lots of space. Wonderful customer support. Many sturdy baskets.


The Bottom Line: Forget Kitchen Aid, forget Bosch, I've tried them both. Spend the extra money and get the Electrolux.  This is a top of the line dishwasher that really cleans dishes. 

I never thought buying a dishwasher was going to be so difficult and consume so much time and energy! The Electrolux EIDW6305G (stainless) is the third dishwasher I've had in my home in the last month and a half.

I am not a person who creates problems, normally I am happy with my purchases. I have never returned a major appliance in my life until now!

The first dishwasher I bought was the Kitchen Aid KUDK03FTSS and boy did I HATE it (see my review). The dishes on the top rack were dirty. I returned the Kitchen Aid for a Bosch (see my second review Bosch SHX43C). The Bosch cleaned very well, but the bowls tipped over every time you moved the top rack (which is very small by the way). The engineers must have been asleep or drunk when they designed the top rack.

My husband insisted we go back once again to Lowes. The sales people think I'm an idiot by now. We picked out the Electrolux EIDW6305G. Lowes told me it would be 7-10 days before my brand new dishwasher would come in and they would call me. A day later the installer called to schedule delivery. I questioned how it could be in already as it had to be ordered. They said they had no idea.... The next day the "new" Electrolux was installed. After the installer left and I cleaned the fingerprints off of the front of the shiny stainless steal door of my "new" dishwasher I noticed several stratches and observed that the seal around the machine between the cabinets was missing. The more I looked, the more scratches I saw, and then I noticed a small dent right below the handle. When I opened the door I found a sticker that said "display model, not for sale". The sticker with the model number and serial number had been scratched out with a blue marker of some kind. I immediately got on the phone to Lowes. My salesman was not there, but the installation department assured me this was a new dishwasher, that it came in as a display model but was never put on the floor. I told him it's scratched and dented. He then said "I'll order you a new one." I was happy with his response. Then several hours later the salesman called insisting that my Electrolux was a new dishwasher, that Lowes would get me a new door and the seals that go around the outside would be mailed to my house. He said he talked to Electrolux and that is what they said to do. I agreed, but felt uneasy about the situation. The next morning I called Electrolux personally and told them my situation. They said "NO WAY, they are not allowed to sell floor models". I called Lowes and told them what Electrolux had said. Again my salesman was not there and I was assured a new dishwasher would be ordered. Several hours later my salesman called me back. He was angry because I had called Electrolux. I gave him the name and phone number of the person at Electrolux whom I had spoken to. Several hours later Electrolux called me and said the salesman informed them that the dishwasher was new and that it was intended to be a display model, but had never been on display. They said since it was never on display it was ok to get a new door.....the same woman who had told me "no way" in the morning. I questioned how the dishwasher came to be scratched and dented if it was never on display and why would the serial number and model number be obliterated. She said she didn't know about the serial number being scratched out and that she would talk to Lowes again. The next morning the woman at Electrolux called back to say a new dishwasher has been ordered for me. In the mean time, I'm running the one with the scratches and dents. The moral here is stick up for yourself and don't let them push you around. I knew in my gut that what this salesperson was doing was wrong, but I felt guilty because I had already made them replace the first two dishwashers I had picked out. Lowes tried to take advantage of me and get by selling me a dishwasher that had been on the floor on display.

The Electrolux is the most attractive of the three dishwashers I "demo'd". It has a sleek handle and nice rounded corners.

The door of the Electrolux is very sturdy and has a little window above the handle that counts down how much time is left in the cycle. When the cycle is finished "clean" is illuminated. If the rinse aid is low it will display that too. When you open the door it feels rather stiff as you can have it open at any angle you want. It will not bang down when you open it. The door has a very solid feel to it, and doesn't show many fingerprints.

The operating buttons are located on the top of the door. There are 8 cycles: favorite, auto, heavy, normal, eco, quick stemware and rinse. There are also temperature choices of: Hi temp, sanitize, and air dry. The last button is for delay start.

The My Favorite cycle allows you to program your preferred cycle and options into one button. You push the favorite key and hold it for 3 seconds as the key starts to blink you select the cycles and options, then press the start key to save the favorite cycles and options that you have chosen. All the settings that were chosen are illluminated. Once programmed you press the favorite key followed by start/cancel to have your favorite cycle begin.

Heavy Wash is for pots, pans, casserole dishes and dinnerware with dried-on or baked-on soil.

In Auto Wash the machine determines the type of cycle required to clean the dishes based on how dirty and how many dishes are loaded.

Normal Wash is for regularly soiled dishes and silverware.

Eco Wash is for lightly soiled and pre-rinsed dishes and silverware. This cycle is around 80 minutes.

Quick Wash is for lightly soiled and pre-rinsed dishes and silverware. The wash time is the shortest for this cycle at 45 minutes.

Stemware is for lightly soiled China and Crystal.

Rinse is for rinsing dishes that will be washed later. This cycle is about 20 minutes.

There is a child lock option also on this dishwasher.

The Delay Start option allows you to automatically delay starting your dishwasher from 1 to 24 hours.

I'm not sure I need all these different options and have only used normal wash so far.

The top rack is very spacious, glides easily, and is easy to load. There are tines that fold down making the rack more versatile. The top rack adjusts to 3 heights very easily by pushing on levers on the rack. There is also a long basket that fits on the top rack for things like long spoons or spatulas. My bowls do not fall over in this dishwasher!

The bottom rack also glides smoothly and has tines that fold down for ease of loading. The silverware basket, which has closing lids, is long and narrow, made of a sturdy plastic, (unlike the Bosch, which has one basket located right in the middle, made of cheap lightweight plastic) and fits on the right side of the lower rack, leaving lots of space in the middle of the dishwasher for loading large pots. There are two smaller corner baskets for taller items as well as a utility tray. All of the baskets may be easily removed. There are also clips to hold stemware on the bottom rack.

In the bottom of the dishwasher is a glass trap filter and food particle trap. These must be cleaned periodically to maximize the performance of the dishwasher. The heating element is not exposed.

Of the three dishwashers I've operated in the last month the Electrolux cleans the best. My dishes have not looked this great in a long time. This is the quietest dishwasher I've ever used, you can hardly hear the machine when it's running. The customer service people at Electrolux were very helpful and took over negotiations with the salesman at Lowes and convinced him to do the right thing and they are going to take back the floor model they installed.

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