The Moment You've All Been Waiting For... (MC W/O)

Jul 17, 2005

The Bottom Line The Hidden MC inside the Fat Kid... I should be Fat Joe.. Or, Jazze Phat. Yeah, Jazze Phat.

First Things First.. I am NOT a rapper, never will BE a rapper, and am not looking to go very far in it. I do, however, enjoy rapping to vent frustration, to convey emotions. So, without further ado, commemorating my first "decade" of reviews, MrFatKid's MC Write-up! (Little to no applause)

When did you first start? : Sometime around 2003-2004, when i finally stopped listening to the golden oldies and starting following modern music (yeah, yeah, Laugh all ya want)

What was your first record called and what did it focus on? : No records for me, but i am thinking of doing something a little bit different to get my stuff in the public....

Name 5-10 of your inspirations : Pre-2004 Eminem, Common, Ludacris, Dre, Tupac, Biggie, Canibus, and the almighty NAS (N-A-S are tha lettas that spell)

Have you ever performed live ?: If you call in front of your friends live.... Then yeah, i've performed once...and actually held my own.. (truth? I have no friends..sob)

How many songs have you written (estimate) : It's funny actually...I only have four saved but have my own "Lost Tapes"... 10-20 tracks from 2004 that have some of my best stuff on it. They tragically disappeared, and i still hope to find them.

Your latest song you have written : "Marvel"

Your latest song you have recorded : Recorded? Are you kidding? I just rap for fun...Also, i know nobody who can record... Yeah, Northern VA ain't the place for hip-hop..though i am 15 minutes from DC..

What equipment do you use? : Hydroduck 84B..Nah JK see sarcastic answer above. But I use my well-educated mind and my Dell Inspiron 8500. We're a good team.

How often do you get to record? : Sigh...this is three questions in a row i can't answer..

What label would you prefer to get signed to? : I think i could fit well with DTP, but honestly, i'd go with Kanye anyday, his beats are unique, and i'm a unique kinda rapper; i like to shift my beats, ect.

How did you obtain your name? :Revvolution? I started it from my friend, who suggested that there be a revolution of fat kids (not cuz im fat, cuz he knows my ep id), and it all fell in.

Do you think you are an inspiration to your friends/fans? : I have no fans, and my friends think i'm just funny.

If you got signed right now and had to choose a song you've already recorded for a single - which one would you choose? : There was this one song from "The Lost Tapes" (ha) that i literally felt would fly on the charts... I think it was called "Remember".

Has anybody wanted to follow in your footsteps? : Hell, No.

What was the worst/stupidest complaint you’ve ever gotten? : That I'm any good. Well, also the fact that cuz i'm white i'm just an eminem wannabe, which is totally untrue...We're different people (i would hope so..He's got enough personal drama for a lifetime)

What was the big decision that got you into rap/writing? : Realizing how it helps me say what i want to say without saying it up front.

Pick two people in the industry you’d like to collab with – 1 producer and 1 MC: Funny you should ask.. On "TLT" (HA now i'm abbreviating it) i had a song with Timbaland as my "producer" and Nas as my collaborater... That was one tight song...

Stupidest thing you’ve ever said in your rhymes :
Oh, god... From the first song I ever wrote...
I'm so freakin' sexy, like Ken the barbie,
Hey watch out dude, those waves are gnarly!

I don't know what i was doing back then.

Best thing you’ve ever said in your rhymes:
"Now you've done it; now hip-hop will never be the same,
It's all fake now; it's over, you just threw the game"

Lyrically, this isn't one of the best, but it helped vent my anger at Chingy-esque rappers. I felt like a Common or a Nas here.

Favorite rap quote : Early in the morning, dressed in black/Don't ask me why 'cuz I'm down in a suit and tie/They killed a homie that I went to school with (damn)/I tell you, life ain't sh*t to fool with. “ - Ice Cube

Thing you get aggravated about in hip hop listeners : The ones who are so ignorant as to think that "real" hip-hop is 50 Cent, Chingy, ect. The ones who just don't understand what hip-hop is about, that it's about emotion, anger, passion, not cribs, cars, and women.

A rapper you don't wanna admit you like, but you do : I've always like Trick Daddy, cause he has that hunger that's missing in hip-hop nowadays. Also, 50 Cent has his moments.

Things having to do with rap that get you angry : Racists who feel nobody but african-americans should be able to be "hip-hop"

Funniest parody rap you've heard : Weird Al's "Amish Paridise" Wierd Al is the only good parodier (?) out there. End of story.

Do you have any good friends that hate rap? : Well, since I also enjoy rock, yes. As well as most of my family.

Will you add snik1 to your trust list : You're annoying.

K That's It. Oh yeah, Kyle, i got a verse ready for meccas w/o. I'm gonna give it a shot... against you. Just leave a comment there when you want me to drop it. (You're in the middle of a battle right now, so...)


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