The search is over....BEST stroller EVER!!

Sep 20, 2008
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Super smooth to push, connects to ipod, awesome storage, easy to fold and stow, comfortable


Needs bigger drink holders

The Bottom Line: I would absolutely recommend this stroller.  It is easy to use, doesn't pull, is very durable, fun for the adult and child and has tons of storage. 

I just purchased the Kolcraft Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain Stroller and it is the best thing since sliced bread. After searching long and hard on the internet and reading reviews on every kind of stroller imaginable I stumbled across this one and boy am I glad I did!

We needed a stroller that you could go off-roading with, something we could take across football fields, over gravel and up and down high curbs in our neighborhood and this stroller is just the ticket. It takes the curbs no problem, and gravel....haaaa this stroller laughs at it!! No problemo across the football field either. And it is such a dream to push. It is sooooo smooth sometimes I just can't believe it. I cannot tell you how happy I am with my find!!!

And I haven't even mentioned how great it is to be able to connect my Ipod to the speakers and listen to my music WITHOUT headphones as we walk. That is sooooo COOL!!!

And my son, 21 months, just loves the steering wheel and all the cool sounds it makes. The music button is his favorite. He just sits up and pushes his music button when he wants to and I am able to listen to my music at the same time. It is awesome!!!

The seat reclines very nicely with a drawstring that is easy to operate. You can adjust to any position. While it doesn’t go all the way down, it is certainly comfortable enough for my son to enjoy a nap while walking.

The storage basket is HUGE and it also has 2 saddle bags on either side that you can easily put diapers and wipes in. There are 2 cup holders in the parent tray, which I do wish were larger. I haven’t found a bottle yet that I can fit in it, but I haven’t had it that long yet either. There is also a large covered tray between the cup holders where you put your Ipod to connect and there is plenty of room for my cell phone, keys and more. The child’s tray has 2 cup holders and one has a shape to fit juice boxes as well.

One thing that almost kept me from my purchase was that a lot of people said it was heavy to push and cumbersome to put in the car. I’m glad I didn’t let that stop me, because I find it very easy to push and super easy to fold down and put in my car. And mind you, I am only 4’ 8”. It folds down rather nicely with one hand and has a hook closure to keep it closed. For such a large stroller I’m surprised how compact you can get it, you just need to make sure you recline the seat all the way before closing. I have no problem picking it up and putting it in the back of my Kia Sedona Van. In fact, I’m going to use it as my everyday shopping and going about town stroller. The swivel front wheel makes it so easy to maneuver around and you can put it in the lock position by flipping a little toggle switch over the front wheel when you want to.

The only thing I would say to be careful of is when you are going down curbs make sure you have full control because it can sometimes tilt to the side if you aren’t careful. But the child is secured by the 5 point harness system so they are really snug in there. Again, even being small, I really haven’t had a problem with this, I just thought it was something that should be mentioned and that people should be aware of.

This is by far the best stroller out there and I would highly recommend this to anyone searching for this type of stroller. You WILL NOT be disappointed. Definitely money well spent. I actually purchased it from someone on Craig’s List for a steal and it was only about 5 months old and barely used. But I would gladly have spent the retail price for it, that’s how awesome it is!!!

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