Sep 23, 2008 (Updated Sep 23, 2008)
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I bought this product because the reviews I read said it was a fantastic stroller - wow - so not true!
Putting the baby seat on and taking it off is a hassle - you have to strap it in and use an attachment on the front (which if you leave it on makes it too big to lay flat in the back of my SUV!!!
Also, when using the baby seat, 2nd child cannot properly sit on the 2nd seat!
The seat does not fully recline, so when little one falls asleep, head just rolls to the side uncomfortably. - when seat is reclined 2nd child again still cant sit properly.
When both seats are in use, you cannot access the basket - which is too small any way.
There is no place to put a bottle of water that is easily accessible when both children are in the stroller.
After having and using this stroller for more than a year now, I am very disappointed. I strongly recommend you look for a different brand!

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