GPSMAP 76 developed an issue...

Sep 30, 2008 (Updated Sep 30, 2008)
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I get a single vertical line down an otherwise blank screen after the GPS successfully acquires satellites. I did indentify a contributing factor. My GPSMAP 76 is mounted in my boat with a factory mount and 12-volt wiring harness. I first hooked it up three months ago and have been using it all summer with no problems. Then the problem above occurred. I found that when I disconnected the power supply, pulled the AA batteries to clear the problem, then powered back up on the AA batteries, the problem did not return. The moment I tried the external power cable, the problem reoccurred. Could this be a power overload defense? I have not changed anything with the boat's electrical system. I saw the problem reappear once with the engine running and once with the engine off.

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