Noisy, works well for duration of service, which is apparently one year.

Oct 3, 2008 (Updated Oct 3, 2008)
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Pros:Inexpensive, Compact, works well for basic microwave duties.

Cons:Noisy, lasts one year, GE only offers service repairs exceeding the cost of the unit.

The Bottom Line: Reasonable price notwithstanding, the durability of this microwave oven (and the intrinsic technology is now mature) seems very poor, given average to lower than average use.

I used this unit as I believe most of us might-for reheating leftovers, heating water for tea or coffee, frozen food, and rarely, for defrosting (it works rather unevenly on many larger frozen "parcels", as do most inexpensive microwave units), The unit is louder than any microwave I've used, so much so that I was kind of alarmed the first time I used it.
After about a year of what was-honestly-average use, the unit would stop after about three seconds of operation at any time interval and yield a "PF" (standing for "power failure", apparently, from what I've read on the net) and then display a blank screen; entrys could be made again for time, etc., but subsequent operation for heating yielded the same "PF" message and then a blank screen, as previously described. No more heating, kaput. Calls to GE after gleaning out the "complaints" number or whatever euphemism it is that they call it ended with the representative's expressions of sympathy and (the only option other than "your totally out of luck for any other form of satisfaction or restitution" was for them to arrange for a service call and repair the costs for which, needless to say, would have exceeded the original price of the microwave; I opted for the retention of this now overlarge paperweight, for the purpose of disposal. To be fair, I've read on the net that many less expensive microwaves sold recently do not last long; however, most of us have experiences of older less sophisticated perhaps, units which lasted for a decade or more (Ma and Pa's handcranked, lasted nigh on 50 year') .

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