Throw your dollar bills and leave your thrills all here with me--My hosted Seether W/O

Aug 11, 2005 (Updated Apr 24, 2006)

The Bottom Line CAUTION!: The band Seether make produce highly addictive music. Please behave yourself while listening to their music.

As many of you might know around here but recently I have been in rehab for listening to Seether's two albums--Disclaimer 2 and Karma & Effect. Seether is a band from South Africa that has powerful music that really grips you and never lets you go as Shaun(leader) pulls you in with his screaming as he screams the lyrics out. Seether is a band that really is THE best alternative/heavy metal band out there as you can see, their music is addictive--I'm living proof!!

To apply for this W/O, you MUST be a fan or a casual listener of the addictive band Seether. Also, joining this W/O, you don't need permission or need money to join. It's free!!! Free for a good cause!

Okay, this W/O is real simple as I put down all the questions below(if you can, please answer all of them!) and you copy the same questions and answer them with your own answers. After you complete your entry to my W/O and published it, you copy your link to your entry and either leave it in my Comments Section IN THIS W/O OR you can email the link to me and I'll be sure to put your member name And your link in my 'Members Who Joined' section at the bottom of this W/O. Please enjoy!!

Are you a fan of Seether? Hell yes!

From 1 to 10, How would you rate yourself as being a fan of Seether? I'd rate myself a 10 just because their new album and their previous album has made me so damn addicted, it's really hard to stop!

Are you addicted to the band? Ummm, I think you ALL know this answer! HELL YES

What made you a fan of the band? The song Broken featuring Amy Lee actually made me notice the band in the first place. I was going to buy the Punisher soundtrack as that song was featured on their but I went ahead and bought the bands Disclaimer 2. I'm really glad I did!

Do you have all of their albums? Yes, I love and cherish every single one of them! MUWAH!

Which is your favorite--Disclaimer 2 or Karma & Effect? Both really. Disclaimer 2 actually sets the bar as towards what the band can bring--a damn good concert while Karma & Effect actually makes the band even more powerful as they really show their all in that album. Basically, I love both of their albums!

What's your favorite song off of Disclaimer 2 and why? OO, that's pretty tough as there is 20 songs on the album. I guess Broken featuring Amy Lee just because it was THE song that caught my attention of the band Seether. That song was amazing as Shaun totally gives it his all while Amy Lee puts her dark and haunting and emotional voice on the track, it's one of the best songs ever to be made!

What's your favorite song's lyrics off of Disclaimer 2 and why? PLEASE MENTION THE SONG AND SOME OF ITS LYRICS. Wow! That is a really tough question as all the lyrics are really good. Hmmm.....I guess Your Bore. Why I like the lyrics because they that I mentioned actually tell of a story about a person who wants another person being who they want them to be except they don't want to be who that other person wants them to be. If that makes any sense whatsoever! At least once in your life, you'll have someone who wants you to be something that you aren't.

You always wanna steal the light
By stepping on the ones who fight for you
It's always gonna be the same
Get the f*ck away
Cause I can't seem to show you what you wanna see
I can never give you anything you need
I'm sick of wasting time on what can never be
I cannot control you into wanting me

What's your favorite song off of Karma & Effect and why? PLEASE MENTION THE SONG AND SOME OF ITS LYRICS. Oh God, this is THE hardest question I've encountered! Jeez, all of the songs are truly remarkable...damn, I really have to think about this....If I can, Remedyand Because Of Me are my ultimate favorites. All the rest are really good and excellent but I think these three are my favorite favorites. I guess why I like them the way that I do is Remedy is highly addictive with that amazing electric guitar pick. Also, Shaun really sung the song really well and it was kind of creepy the video. Because Of Me, I like that song because it's actually another song that is truly addictive that can be a huge hit. Again, I like this song because of Shaun's vocals here are amazing and the guitars banging is a nice melody as always. It has a dark tone!

What's your favorite song's lyrics off of Karma & Effect and why? The lyrics off of this album is actually...they are all excellent! It's really hard to choose but I guess I got to LOL. I guess I'll pick...Remedy just because the chorus is very catchy and addictive. Also, I like the lyrics are somewhat like a carnival themed song. Which it is--check the video out!

Throw your dollar bills and leave your thrills all here with me
....So come sit by the fire and play a while, but you can't stay too long
Chorus---Frail, the skin is dry and pale, the pain will never fail
And so we go back to the remedy
Clip the wings that get you high, just leave them where they life
And tell yourself, 'You'll be the death of me'

Have you seen them in concert? No, but I really would love to. Maybe Sheila would take me---~wink~

If so, what makes you go see them? N/A

What do you usually wear to their concerts? N/A

And what is your favorite moment while seeing them in concert? N/A

Done anything crazy during the concert? N/A

What's your favorite Band Member? Well, of course Shaun Morgan who does the vocals. Who wouldn't like him? His vocals are amazing as he basically screams the lyrics out.

Bought any Seether merchandise, If so what? Nope, just their CDs. I'd like to buy a shirt with Seether on it.

Did you enjoy this W/O? N/A

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Once again, thank you so much for joining this W/O. I knew you'll see this W/O coming sooner or later as I've been saying that the band truly made me addicted to their music.

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