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Oct 16, 2008
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Pros:Cheap, comfortable, durable, great sound

Cons:die easily

The Bottom Line: I would say that the Coby CV42CIR headset I have, is perhaps the best headset I have owned. They have affordability, comfort, and wonderful initial quality.

I was in a bind a while back, simply needing some headphones. Only problem was, I didn't have much money, as with many cases.

So I picked up these at a local retailer. The Coby CVH42CIR over the head, headset. They were cheap, so I just remember what my father told me, "You get what you pay for." What a find! I'm amazed at the great sound quality of these headphones. They provide plenty of trebble sound for a sharp clear sound. The bass with these are equally as well, giving you the sound of more expensive sets.

I'm a quite clumsy person at times and I've sat on these, droped them, and they have been slammed down more than a time or two. It's safe to say they've take more than thier share of punishment with very few scars to show for it. The soft ear padding has came off, which is mainly do to constant use.

Even without the padding, these are very comfortable. They're light and at times I've even forgotten I had them on, that is until I tried to stand up. While they may not be the best looking you can buy, they are better looking with a stronger design than some of your more expensive ones as well.

Now, the only problem I seem to have with these is that they die rather quickly. Remember that great sounding bass? Well, at high volumes it's very easy to bust one if not both of the speakers in this set, giving them an unlikable rattle. I've only had my current set for around three months and they've already bursted one speaker.

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