Low-Riders, Low-Quality.

Oct 23, 2008
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Pros:-Colorful and stylish
-Not terribly expensive

Cons:-Fit poorly
-Fall off easily
-Cheaply constructed
-Awful bass response

The Bottom Line: Steer clear of Lowriders-- their sound quality, especially bass, is pathetic, and they'll fall off your head at the drop of a hat.

When my last pair of ear buds died, I was looking for a worthy replacement, and looking to step up in quality. Though not having much knowledge about them beforehand, I decided to have a go with the Skullcandy Lowriders, as they were attractive and fit my budget.

Despite the monster driver the package claims, the sound immediately disappointed me. While I'm not expecting miracles from a $25 dollar pair of headphones, I would expect SOME bass response. Instead, whenever I adjust the bass EQ above the base level, I get distortion with little volume. Even without an EQ boost on the bass, I often hear bass distortion on techno/industrial songs-- even those without a strong bass line; I find myself driven to reduce the bass in the EQ on a regular basis. Pathetic bass aside the mid range sounds nicely polished and full, and the treble is definitely present-- if not overly present. Overall, the sound quality was a disappointement.

Besides the lack of sound quality-- which I might be able to live with if it were the only flaw-- these headphones just won't stay on my head! If I bump them even lightly, no matter how I adjust their size, the fall right off! And mind you, as any of my friends would tell you, I have a pretty big head!

Forget skateboarding or snowboarding (the activities Skullcandy is supposed to cater to), even bopping my head in time to my music or dancing around a little waiting for the bus sends them flying groundwards. It's nearly impossible to groove out to a song anymore, and that's torturing me; after two weeks of running with a pair of Lowriders, I am more than ready for a switch.

Please, take my advice: If you want a good quality pair of headphones (or even a decent pair), and especially if you live an even remotely non-sedentary lifestyle, Look elsewhere.

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