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Enjoyable workout

Oct 26, 2008 (Updated Oct 26, 2008)
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Pros:Ease of use, it actually works! Burns calories while giving a muscle toning workout.

Cons:Not easily stored and kind of heavy...but better to build muscle.

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this product to anyone who really needs to lose weight and is serious about it. 

I bought a Cardio Glide Plus at a local auction. I started dieting in May and by October had lost 30 pounds. In October I started using the Cardio Glide Plus and by mid-December I had lost another 37 pounds and toned places on my body that had jiggled for years. I have a hard time making myself exercise at all, but with the Cardio Glide Plus it is much easier because I too can watch TV while I workout. It makes time pass much faster. I of course have been combining my workout with a very strict sensible diet. But I believe without this machine it would be much slower. The only thing I dislike about this product is that it sits in the livingroom for all to see, because I have no where else to store it. It is not easily stored away. But my focus was price and my goal of being healthier, not storage. I wouldn't store it away anyway right now since I use it almost everyday!
I would purchase this product again. I still have at least a hundred pounds to lose and have been well on my way with this machine. The 10 settings make it easy to adjust your workout for maximum weight loss and toning. The digital display keeps track of the distance and laps, time on the machine for that particular workout, and calories burned. The display takes a single watch battery to keep it running which is not expensive.
The machine is heavy enough to keep still while in use and not move around during a hard workout. It is quiet enough to use and still hear the tv or not wake everyone during an early morning workout.
Once my goal is reached, I may look to something that can be put away and only used occassionally, but seeing the machine every day in my livingroom and not having to lug something out from under the bed or out of the closet is more incentive for me to actually use it. All I have to do is jump on!

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