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Oct 28, 2008
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Pros:Good water extraction, water and electricity savings.

Cons:Faucet adapter, hose inlet deteriorate. Cord too short. Drain hook on small side.

The Bottom Line: Worth it for the savings in electricity and water.

I have had my Danby Twin Tub washer for nearly two years. I like it much better than my big automatic washers, with their pump problems and lame spin cycles. My Danby uses much less water and the extractor does a much better job than the spin cycle of the bigger models I replaced with my Danby.

The problems are minor but nevertheless irritating.  Someone else mentioned that the cords are too short. I have to use an extension cord to plug the thing into the kitchen outlet. The drain "hook" doesn't fit my countertop sink well at all. But the worst things are that the adaptor that hooks up to the faucet must be made of the cheapest, cruddiest, most flimsy stuff they could find. I have to replace it every 9 months because it disintegrates. Where I live, the water is very hard, and I have to clean the screen in the adapter every week or the water flow is severely inhibited. When I screw it off and on that often, it accelerates the disintegration.

After 18 months, the water intake has started to leak seriously. There is probably a pint of water on the floor now every time I fill up the tub, which is at least 3 times a wash load. You can see the water pill up and spill over right on the top of the washer body above where it says "water inlet." 

But other that those things, I'm glad I bought it, and I like micromanaging my laundry. It's not for washing comforters and rugs, but for my two-person household, it works pretty well and I like the low environmental footprint.

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