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Nov 11, 2008
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Pros:Light, mobile, attaches easily with the sink adapter

Cons:The base plate was difficult to assemble.

The Bottom Line: I recommend this to anyone with limited space and utilities included ;)

I work full time and my husband is a full time student & works part time, so we barely had time to squeeze in trips to the laundromat.  We currently live in an apartment so it only made sense to purchase something like this.  I had done extensive perusing online & we settled on purchasing this through the Wal Mart website, using their "Site-to-Store" option (saving ALOT in shipping charges). 

I was taken aback at the small size of it when we finally got it home, but I looked inside and saw that the drum size was much bigger than I thought it would be.  It has several load options and three load sizes to choose from.  

After six months using it, I am still very pleased with this little bugger.   I just have a few helpful tips for using it:

1.  Add your detergent while the water starts filling, then add clothes a few seconds into the initial fill. 

2.  Use liquid detergent, as I have noticed that dry detergent will clump up & not distribute as even. 

3.  Time your load to add your fabric softener.  There is no indicator that alerts you when it is time to add, or simply use the downy ball. 

4.  DO NOT OVERLOAD!!  The washer does not like to be overloaded. 
5.  Make sure that the "out" hose is securely attached to your sink as it expels water with such force that it may dislodge the draining hose & water will go everywhere.  Believe me.  :(

All in all, I would recommend this 100%. 

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