Does Bush Care About Black Americans? It's Deeper Than That

Sep 12, 2005

The Bottom Line Bush doesn't hate blacks. He "just doesn't give a damn about 'em". Or anyone who is poor, black or white.

You don't care about people Hud. You don't give a damn about 'em. Oh, you got all that charm goin' for ya. And it makes the youngsters want to be like ya. That's the shame of it because you don't value anything. You don't respect nothing. You keep no check on your appetites at all. You live just for yourself. And that makes you not fit to live with.
Melvyn Douglas as Homer Bannon in "Hud"

Like many movie fans, and fans of Paul Newman, I've seen the 1963 film classic dozens of times. And the ethical, no-nonsense Texas rancher Homer Bannon made an enduring impression on me.

And during the past few years when I've watched the movie and heard Douglas deliver those cutting words to his selfish, scoundrel son (Paul Newman), they began to take on new meaning for me -- because to me, they perfectly describe the way I feel about George W. Bush.

I can almost hear his father, George H. W. Bush (whom I voted for twice) saying the same thing. About the Iraq War, about sending our youth there based on deeply flawed information, and now about the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Bush Doesn't Give a Damn -- About the POOR. Period.

During the past four to five years, I can't in good conscience say that I think George W. Bush hates black people. I don't think he hates black people. I don't think he actually "hates" anyone except personal political enemies of the Bush family, regardless of race or religion.

I think he just doesn't, as Homer Bannon says, "give a damn about 'em." Except during election years when he needs poor Southern voters, especially those who lean heavily on their Evangelical tendencies, to go to the polls and choose candidates who are, basically, "on God's side" of the morals issues.

Just to be Perfectly Clear

It's my personal belief and opinion based on specific facts and news accounts and observations that President Bush doesn't hate black people -- he just doesn't "give a damn about 'em" unless they are wealthy Republican black people.

Bush cares mostly about the following groups of people: His family. His friends and supporters. The wealthiest 1.5 percent of Americans who fund his campaigns and groups who support his far-right agenda. The Christian Right Wing for their votes at election time, and after that if they are capable of making large political contributions. Like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell -- the predatory princes of darkness who use God for personal gain and the Bible as a political assault weapon.

Is Bush Evil? No. He Just Doesn't Give a Damn

I don't think President Bush is inherently an evil person. Punitive? Yes. Vindictive? Definitely. But as long as he's satisfied that certain groups of people are loyal to him to the death, that his friends are being treated well, and that the lifestyles of those friends and family aren't subject to change for the worse, he's content to be uninformed about the state of the rest of the nation.

George W. Bush just doesn't CARE. He's not interested in the news, he doesn't really want to hear about the unrest and upheaval in Iraq, and one thing he sure as hell doesn't care about NOW is his approval ratings.

He has always claimed that he doesn't care about polls, read the news, watch television or respond to outrage of the "liberal media elite."

There's another point I need to address. I know that there's definitely a liberal bias in the American media today. I hear about it every single day from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Walter Williams, Michelle Malkin, Tony Snow, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Neal Boortz, Matt Drudge and a few dozen more of like-minded pundits.

They keep telling me that our president is stubborn and strong and determined. And I agree. He stubbornly and strongly refuses to care about events swirling around him as he cocoons on his ranchette in Crawford, relying on Condi, Rummy, Scott, Andy and Dick to give him one-paragraph summaries of world events.

He can't be bothered with specific details, he's got to ride his bike for three hours, and he has to be in bed by 9 p.m.

No, it's not surprising to me that George W. Bush was unaware of the catastrophies on the Gulf Coast the past couple of weeks. It doesn't affect him. He manages to muster up some sympathy for Trent Lott, and he will do whatever he can to be sure that he can sit on Trent's front porch again one day.

Poll numbers show him now about below 40 percent in approval ratings. But this time when he says he "doesn't give a damn about 'em" he's telling the truth.

He got what he wanted -- a second term. Who gives a damn about polls NOW? He's on vacation now until January 21, 2009.

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