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Nov 17, 2008
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Pros:Good sound and a cool design

Cons:Not free

The Bottom Line: These headphones are very worth the money and perform great

When I am sitting in the library at school, and I am trying to concentrate on my studies or on a book, I find it hard to drown out all the fuss of the other students around me.  My first thought was to drown them out with my music.  This is ok for the morning when not may people are there, but later in the day, my standard apple headphones just wont cut it.  That why I went searching for a better headphone that will hold down the outside sounds.  In my search I found the Skull Candy G.I. Consumer Headphones.  These headphones not only make the music sound good, they will also drown out noises without music playing.  These headphones have many good qualities that I would like to tell you about.


The Skull Candy G.I. Consumer Headphones play the music very well.  You can hear the bass and the treble much better with these headphones then the standard ones that everyone gets.


Lots of people have the little ear bud headphones that just stick in your ear.  I like those for activities like running, and working out, but when you are not doing anything too active I love the style of the Skull Candy G.I. Consumer Headphones.  They are bigger and fit all around your ears.  This makes it easier to keep them on, and it doesn’t hurt your ears after a long period of time.


I know that it is mice to get things free in this world, and I know that it doesn't happen too often.  That why it is hard to buy headphones when you get some with your music player.  But I really feel like these are worth it.  The Skull Candy G.I. Consumer Headphones are only about fifty dollars, but perform just as good as some $300 headphones.

These headphones have not disappointed at all in the months that I have had them.  They are playing my music right now, and it feels like I am seeing them live.

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