Best Deodorant Ever!

Nov 18, 2008
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A few years ago I swore off aluminum (pronounced Al-U-min-E-um) in my armpits and I began a serach for the perfect deodorant.  I started with a woman's deodorant I recalled being called... Crystal Clean?  Sadly it was discontinued by the higher-ups at the faceless corporation that produced it.  But thank the adolescent Jesus (the one who goes missing for a few hours and tells Joseph that he can always be found in his Father's house... the Church [or Synagouge at the time]) I stumbled an amazing deodorant, even better than my first!  Rub this puppy on and you'll smell totally unscented... everyone's goal right?... to be a blank slate for people to project their own odorous desires upon...  I go so far as to buy as much as I can afford on each trip just in case something goes wrong in the supply chain I will at least have a three year supply.

In conclusion, I love it... I really, really do.

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