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Nov 19, 2008 (Updated Jun 25, 2009)
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Pros:Looks amazing turned ON or turned OFF
Operates silently (no electricity buzz)
Very adjustable

Cons:Quality of LCD panel varies greatly unit-to-unit.

The Bottom Line: Can be a great inexpensive TN panel LCD monitor, or it can be poor, depending on the factory contracted to make the LCD panel. Buyers examine codes on box!

At work there are many brands of basic mainstream TN panel LCD monitors in use including a glossy Dell, but the HP W2207h beats them all.  At home the W2207h is my main family use monitor.  My copy of the W2207h was manufactured in December of 2007 and was purchased in March of 2008.  It swivels, tilts and pivots, and has two USB ports.  The HDMI 'h" version of the W2207 ships with a HDMI cable which I found useful to connect my DVD player to a plasma HDTV because neither of those came with any HDMI cables. 

The W2207h handels text equally as well as my NEC 90GX2 which has become my secondary entertainment monitor.  And the W2207h has more real estate and functionality than its little brother, the W1907 which is my occasionally used home-office monitor.

The W2207h has no irritating sounds, hisses or buzzing.  For the past eight months, my 3-year-old has hit, poked, punched and even puked on the W2207h's LCD screen, and this monitor takes it all and still keeps going although it does now have one stuck red pixal in the middle of the screen.  I have a new CPU with no monitor and so I have ordered a second W2207h to go with it.

Looking at numbers, my NEC has a much higher brightness rating than the HP W2207h, but in real life I turn the brightness down.  Angle of view, refresh rate, adjustability... the W2207h performs well in the real world.  If I could change one thing about it, I would place the ON button in the center and not to the side so there would not be any downward twisting pressure from the LCD to the base.  A very small issue all considered.   

11-25-08 UPDATE: I received the second w2207h monitor and although it has no stuck or dead pixals, even with the brightness turned down to zero this version of the w2207h has bad light bleed so that it never is dark and black when on.   And ther are other differences.

My first w2207h manufactured Dec 07 has maker codes 2271-F ITM002 on the box.  Its power rating is 1.5 amps and the weight printed on the box is 11kg. 
This 2271-F has darker blacks, seemingly better angle of view, and is much more evenly lit.
My new w2207h manufactured August 08 has maker codes 2271-B ATMB1-122 on the box (and the menu version is ATM102).  This ones power rating is 1.3 amps and the weight printed on the box is 10.1kg. 
The 2271-B, even with the brightness set to ZERO, is a brighter grey with nothing near black. If this is lamp bleed, then the lamp is bleeding end to end.  The angle of view is not as good as the 2271-F. 

Doing some extra research I learned that there are now many versions of this monitor available with the LCD panel being made by at least three different manufacturers. 

JUNE 2009 update...

There are no new issues I can pin on any of the HP (W2207 W1907)monitors I own.  All going strong.

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