Travel system for baby -- lower back workout for dad included!

Nov 26, 2008
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Pros:Easy to transfer car seat from car to stroller
Stroller opens/collapses easily

Cons:Stroller is heavy
Baby may outgrow the car seat after 6 months

The Bottom Line: Overall I'm happy with the car seat/stroller combo. The system is heavier than I'd like, but it's durable and convenient.

As my wife and I prepared for our first child, we walked wide-eyed through the aisles of Babies R Us at the rows of strollers available. So many different options, we didn't know what to choose.

As we started our investigation, we decided that one of the features that was important to us was having a car seat that would fit into the stroller. We were hoping this would minimize expense in that we wouldn't have to buy a separate car seat and stroller.

I'd like to say we did meticulous research and this was the stroller we chose, but that wasn't the case. We bought the Eddie Bauer Adventurer Traveller primarily because it was on sale at Target, and it had the combo car seat/stroller feature.

Car Seat
Our son is 6 months old now, and for the first 5+ months of life he pretty much exclusively slept in his car seat, so I have to believe it's comfortable.... For us, it's so convenient to take him out of the car after a trip (which puts him to sleep) and then just bring the car seat in the house. This way there are no interruptions in his nap.

The straps in the car seat are adjustable. There are a few different heights for the shoulder straps, which we used as he got bigger.

The padding is pretty easy to remove and wash, which is convenient when he decides to spit up half the bottle of milk he just drank.

The seat fits easily in the car seat base and the stroller. Releasing the seat from the base is also pretty easy, as you just have to pull up on a handle in the back.

In addition to fitting into the base that is installed in the car, the seat can also be strapped in using the seat belt, which is handy when getting a ride from a friend or family member. The slots for the seat belt are hidden under the padded cover, which is a little bit of a pain since you have to pull it off the corners to hook the seat belt on.

Another nice feature is the shade on the back of the car seat. We have used this countless times to shield his eyes from the sun when carrying him to/from the car. It's also works well for shading the light from his eyes when he's napping. The shade isn't something I initially thought about, but it's something I'd consider a necessity after having it.

In general I'm happy with the stroller. The front wheels rotate to allow for easy navigation. There is a handy pouch under the stroller to store the diaper bag and assorted other items.

The stroller folds and unfolds without much hassle, making it fairly easy to collapse and throw in the back of our Rav4.

The biggest drawback to the Adventurer is the weight of the stroller. It's heavy. It's not too bad for me, but my wife struggles a little bit with it. I feel like the stroller is well made and seems like it will be durable, so I guess the price you pay is in the extra weight you have to lug around.

Another annoyance I had with the Adventurer Traveller system was the difficulty in finding documentation online. I misplaced the instructions for installing the car seat, and couldn't find them anywhere online. Luckily I found the instructions at home.....

My final gripe is that the weight limit on the car seat is 22 pounds. Let's just say our baby is well fed, and is rapidly approaching that weight limit after 6 months. I'm not looking forward to shelling out more $$ for the next size car seat after only 6 months of use. We'll still be able to use the stroller, but part of the reason we bought this system is that it was a stroller and car seat together. If I had known we would have to buy a separate car seat already, I might have reconsidered buying a stroller/car seat combo travel system.

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