A lemon from a company that doesn't care

Nov 26, 2008
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1.      It doesn't take a lengthy cooking for the outside cover to get hot.
2.      From the very beginning the swivel glass tray has been bumping slightly against the enamel-covered edge of its front inside floor with no way to prevent it.  Eventually a line  of a raw metal was exposed.
3.      Cooking is fairly noisy.
4.      Insured for 12 months and died after 13.5 months. 
5.      When I called Sharp’s customer service I had to fill the rep with every detail - from my address up to the serial number even though I registered my microwave online immediately after I bought.  The rep. I spoke with had the face to tell me that her department (customer service) has no access to the registration department.  Aside from a gross waste of my time by a company that makes sophisticated products, it also meant that my long past relationship with Sharp meant nothing to them.  This microwave was my third Sharp microwave.  Alas there would be no more for me!
6.    Looks nice, compact for its size, spacey, and ok for ease of operation.

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