Powerful Blending, and Excellent Customer Service

Dec 3, 2008 (Updated Dec 3, 2008)
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Pros:Customer Service, Price, Ease of returning, Funtionality of Blender

Cons:It is very loud. Dont use while watching TV

The Bottom Line: Purchase

I purchased this blender in the onyx black about 6 months from HH Gregg in Concord, NC. It was a little higher priced than previous blenders, but I was tired of buying 20 or 30 dollar blender only have to have to replace them a few months later because they weren’t as powerful to make a few smoothies a week. While having this blender I have found it to be incredibly efficient. My husband is able to make smoothies with ice, frozen fruit (whole strawberry and the likes) and I am able to quickly cut veggies and fruit. The problem came when my MIL came for Thanksgiving and managed somehow to break the blender by stripping the strews.

I called HH Greg to find out my recourse and they said that the store warranty had expired and that I would have to go though the manufacturer. I was provided with the number and called. I was on hold for maybe 3 minutes and talked to someone who asked for the model No and the Serial Number and I provided both. She asked about the receipt which I no longer had (nor had I registered the product). Quickly she was able to collect my information and informed me that I would have a new one within 10-15 days (usually takes 5 days but they are on slight backorder).

While I hate that the blender broke in the 1st place, I do not doubt that it was our fault and the fact that the customer service agent helped so quickly and easily made me become a loyal returning customer for years to come (at least for now). She told me the blender would be here in 10 -15 days and to put the old broken blender in the pre paid for box and drop it off at Fed Ex. How easy!

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