Dec 19, 2008
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Pros:Easy to use, takes great photos, very versatile, comfortable to hold.

Cons:Uses up ordinary batteries - must buy rechargeables, has small built-in internal memory.

The Bottom Line: I don't have an ounce of buyer's remorse.  Takes really nice photos, easy to use and is not expensive if you buy from the right place.

Happy Holidays, All!  Let me start this review out by stating that I am in no way considered a photog, nor do I understand shutter speeds, white balance or anything that experienced photographers use to get the results that make beautiful photos.  However, that is probably why I am the perfect person to write this review.

When I became tired of borrowing everyone else's digital cameras in my family and saw this offering on QVC for the Kodak 1485IS Easy Share 14 megapixel digital camera, and that it came in PINK so that none of the male members in my family would want to borrow it, I figured that it was time to treat myself to my own camera.  That, coupled with six what these shopping channels call "Easy Pays," dividing the price up into six individual payments, I figured I couldn't lose.  I could always send it back if it didn't measure up.  They were offering the camera, too, for $100 less than retail value, so I took the plunge.

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about the camera, at least as much as I can tell you as far as specifics go.  The camera, as stated, goes as high as 14 megapixels.  To me, that was unheard of for a non-professional use digital camera.  It has a 5x digital zoom with image stabilization (for us shaky-handed people) and a 5x optical zoom, giving you a total of 25x zoom power.  But this camera also has something called "Smart Capture" which helps you get the shot whether the subject(s) are stationary or in flight.  How good is that?

Okay.  Stepping back from the details of the camera, let me tell you how it worked for me.  It's light and very comfortable to hold.  It takes truly amazing photos that even when enlarged with any image editing software programs I have do not distort easily.  You can zoom in on detail and they stay pretty much in focus for most of the ride.  It has this detector that lets you know when it's at the optimal condition to take the photo, visually and auditorily.  When the subject, which you can see the camera zero in on with this little "frame" on the display, turns to green, that's the time to take the photo.  It will be red until you get to the perfect distance to take the shot and then it becomes green.  You depress the shutter button halfway and then take the photo.  That focuses the subject(s) in for you.  I have found, however, that sometimes 14 mp is too much.  I actually reduce it after the fact because hair and other features come out too pixelized.  But the option is there if you want it.  I usually take the shot with it set at 14, but have the option of reducing it later.  Colors and clarity are amazing.  Absoultely beautiful photos, with ease.

There are all sorts of settings on this camera, including the "Scene" settings for which the camera actually tells you what they're used for.  There are modes such as Portrait, Night, Landscape, even one entitled "Fireworks," and there are crazy modes that do things you wouldn't believe.   Plus, you are able to actually edit the photo in your camera, too, and mark the pictures for emailing for later.  You can add audio and visual tags for the photos within the camera, too.  It also comes with Kodak's editing software which includes all sorts of fun editing effects where, for example, you can take a photo and turn it into a cartoon or a coloring book look.

The camera takes video, too, with sound.  However, when I took my one and only video with it so far, the playback was not in sync.  The audio did not match up with the video.  I was able, however, to encode it after the fact and now it's perfect.  Just a little tweaking was necessary.

All in all, this is a great camera for someone who is in no way an expert and who doesn't want to break the bank to buy one.  I am very pleased with my purchase.

One suggestion:  If you buy it, since it only has a 32 mb. internal memory, get yourself an SD card right away.  PLUS, and this is important, it chews and spits out ordinary alkaline batteries like I chew gum.  So purchasing Kodak Li-Ion rechargeables are a MUST.  I have taken this camera to many events, such as weddings and even my own daughter's Sweet 16, and the rechargeables lasted all night, plus I got shots that I really feel equalled those of the pros they had hired to shoot the event.

All in all, great bang for the buck.  And if QVC still has it, get it from them.  They are a pleasure to deal with, offering you, as always, a money-back guarranty if you don't like it, for any reason, and a great price for the camera itself and/or easy payment options which means a very small initial outlay to see if you like it and are going to keep it.  I bought the battery and charger on eBay, which cost like 75% less than what Kodak charges, and it works like a charm.  I say, buy this camera - it's worth it.

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