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Dec 19, 2008 (Updated Dec 20, 2008)
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Pros:Comfortable, easy to use and set up, fast, works perfect


The Bottom Line: You won't find a better mouse for the price.  I highly recommend this product!

I picked up this mouse (Logitech LX8 Wireless Laser) at Best Buy earlier this year.  I was shopping for comfort, price and features.

I didn't want to spend $80 on a mouse, but I needed something to use for my laptop.  After tirelessly tinkering with the (so-called) notebook mice... I just find them to be too small, I tried this one.

Ergonomically, it fit perfectly, so immediately I was happy.  It was wireless, and had a fair amount of features for it's $39.99 pricetag.

I've used it on various surfaces from books, to tables, to granite countertops and haven't had a problem.  On screen it is always flawlessly smooth.  No jittering or sputtering.  smooth as silk!

It has a small enough USB that it doesn't interfere with anything and the 2AA batteries it takes seem to last for quite sometime, so far I've been using two energizers in there for the last 6 months, and it's still going... and going... lol.

The software installed quickly the 1st time I used the mouse and it has never given me a problem.  I've (during use) removed the usb and plugged it into an alternate usb on my laptop and the mouse just continued on as if nothing happened.

As I mentioned before, it's very comfortable to use, has great contour and soft rubber sides which after extensive use has shown little or no wear at all.

It is equipped with side to side scrolling, zooming features and buttons on the side that take you back and forth through pages if you wish.  They also do not get in the way of typical mouse use.

As well as the side to side scrolling, naturally it has the ability to  vertically scan up and down documents as well either by finger scrolling or clicking once and directing with the mouse for faster use.  The button is ideally located which just makes the process faster and easier.

I'm using it with Windows XP, but it can also be used with Vista and Mac as well.

Logitech also gives you a limited 5 year warranty with it.

The only thing I had hoped it would do but doesn't is side scroll while in a program like Photoshop, but that might be the program, not the mouse.

All in all, I have no complaints.  I couldn't be more satisfied with this purchase.  I throw it in my laptop bag everyday and use it for hours then do it all over again... I walk miles with this thing unprotected in my case (next to the powercord and other usbs and peripherals etc...) and like I said, almost zero wear and tear and it works today just like the day I bought it.


It's a great product and I very highly recommend it!


I just wanted to mention that Logitech makes the same mouse in the smaller laptop size if that's more your need.  I choose the full size merely based on my own comfort.

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