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Dec 21, 2008 (Updated Dec 21, 2008)
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Pros:Great toy with many learning features.  Many different sounds and sayings.


The Bottom Line: This is a great toy that offers many different learning features and offers a large variety of sounds and music.

VTech are well known for their educational and interactive toys and can be found in most toy boxes.  They are often made with bright colors and have different settings to heighten the entertainment and learning experience.  One of the toys that my daughter received for her first birthday was the Vtech Baby's Learning Laptop.  Although we did not purchase the toy ourselves, I have seen it in the store for approximately $25.

The Vtech Baby's Learning Laptop is not an actual computer; rather it has the general appearance of one and responds with different saying and songs as buttons are pressed.  The base of the computer is blue and red and is made of a hard plastic material.  On the base, there are sets of colored buttons to imitate a keyboard.  The "monitor" is in a bright yellow that flips open and closed and is attached to the base.  There is a 3X3 red grid on the monitor that features a picture in each box and has the ability to light up.  Along the base, there is a speaker, a "mouse," and the setting control that is activated by a switch.  There is also a volume control located on the base of the computer.  The computer has a handle so it is easy to carry around.  The computer measures about 10x6x2.

The keyboard of the computer is made of 9 buttons set up in 3 rows. The buttons are set in a yellow frame with letters, numbers, and shapes pressed into it.  Each button has its own shape and a picture printed on it.  The buttons are:

Red star with a hand
Blue heart with a baby face
Green moon with a clock
Green triangle with a crying face
Red square with a happy face
Blue circle with an astonished face
Blue oval with water splash marks
Green rectangle with a horn
Red arrow with a bell

The monitor has a picture on each of the grid squares.  There is a rattle, teddy bear, cradle, bottle, book, ball, tub, car, and a house.  There are done in white, yellow, green, and blue.

The first setting that is available is the learning mode.  When the switch is moved to the learning setting, it says, "learning is just a click away."  When each button is pressed, the computer responds to the picture and the corresponding picture lights up on the monitor.

Star:  says hand, says rattle, says star (plays a quick tune)
Heart:  says baby, says teddy bear, says heart (plays a quick tune)
Moon:  says moon, says clock, says cradle (makes a snoring sound)
Triangle: says sad, says bottle, says triangle (makes a quick tune)
Square: says happy, says book, says square (makes a quick tune)  
Circle:  says surprised, says ball, says circle (makes a quick tune)
Oval: says water, says bathtub, says oval (makes a quick tune)
Rectangle:  says horn, says car, say rectangle (makes a quick tune)
Arrow:  says door bell, says home, say arrow (makes a quick tune)

The second mode that is available is the explore setting.  This setting explores the pictures on the monitor. 

Star:  makes a rattling sound, says "I like to shake my rattle"
Heart: make a laughing sound, says "I love to kiss my teddy bear"
Moon:  makes a snoring sound, says "time to sleep, good night"
Triangle: makes a drinking sound, says "I'm hungry"
Square:  plays a lap top song, says "let's read a book
Circle:  bouncing sound, says "I like bouncing the ball"
Oval:  water sounds, says "bathtub is fun"
Rectangle: says "beep beep," says "let's go for a ride"
Arrow: plays a instrumental tune, says "home sweet home"

The final mode that is available is the music mode.  Each button plays a common tune that is done in all instrumentals.  I don't know all of the names of the tunes however I recognize them.  While a song is playing, if another button is pressed, a sound matching the picture on that button plays over the music.  The grided monitor also lights up in various patterns in rhythm with the music.

The mouse is red and is attached to the base.  It is actually in the shape of the mouse and responds with different sounds as it is moved.  When pressed up or down the computer actually says the direction that it was moved in.  For all other directions, included diagonally, it responds with a sound.  I would have liked to have the computer identify left and right but it does not do this.  The mouse is able to move 360 degrees but sits firmly on the base.  The sounds do not vary in the different settings.

When my daughter was first introduced to the Vtech Baby's Learning Laptop she did show a high interest in it.  After about two weeks, she discovered all of the different sounds and all of the buttons.  Now, she will set with it between her legs and play with all of the buttons.  She also enjoys watching the lights on the monitor as they flash after a button is pressed.  I am surprised that she is not more entertained by the mouse but has never shown a strong preference for playing with it.  She will play with this for up to twenty minutes without being distracted by another toy, which is phenomenal for a young toddler.

If the Vtech Baby's Learning Laptop does not have any activity for one minute, it will shut down on its own.  It announces that it is shutting down, which usually gets my daughter attention and she begins pressing the buttons again.  I like that there are 2 sound settings and an off button.  The computer requires 2 AA batteries.  We have had this toy for over two months now and still have yet to replace the batteries.

This toy is appropriate for children one years and older. 

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