GE Model#: PEB2060DMWW..Simplicity Almost Perfected

Dec 21, 2008 (Updated Dec 21, 2008)
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Pros:Solid Performer

Cons:Size, Smallish Display

The Bottom Line: GE has been a staple in today's Microwaves with the PEB2060DMWW a strong contender.

Microwaves have been a staple appliance in kitchens the world over for years with no sign that they will be replaced anytime soon. While they come in configurations for any budget there are basic functions that we have all come to expect which generally are found in the most basic units. When initially introduced, microwaves were supposed to be the next great cooking appliance, an expectation that quickly waned as the results disappointed many users relegating the huge countertop units to simple warming tasks or garbage heaps in favor of smaller and more realistic units.

Today microwave use generally is in the form of an installed unit or countertop with convection capability fulfilling the cooking expectations. While installed units have gotten bigger and are generally feature laden, the simple units have also flourished and has strived  to perfect the art of simplicity as is the case with the GE PEB2060DMWW.
The 1200 watt GE PEB2060DMWW while hardly a diminutive unit (13 3/4 in x 19 3/8 in x 24 ) can provide for the needs of a large family who warms frozen foods or heats up leftovers. Having the GE PEB2060DMWW in our office was more of a decision to accommodate the needs of our staff that bring in leftovers for lunch in various containers, but other than that I find the unit a bit overdone. Personally I cannot justify the PEB2060DMWW in a family setting feeling the unit could be a lot smaller with little or no compromise.

Feature wise the GE PEB2060DMWW delivers all the expected features including:

•·         Express Cook - 1-6 minutes
•·        Add 30 Seconds
•·        Auto Defrost for foods up to 6 pounds
•·        Humidity Sensor - To compensate cook times for various levels of humidity
•·        Popcorn - For bags 1.75 -3.5 oz with one touch capability with one button add or subtract time in 20 second increments
•·        Beverage - with 8 -10 ounce compatibility
•·        Reheat - One button operation with heat sensing which triggers time remaining countdown
•·        Sensor Cooking - Separate controls for Vegetable, Potatoes, Chicken/Fish with one button 20 second increase/decrease
•·        Scroll Speed - For faster navigation between screens
•·        Time Actuated Reminder Alarm
•·        Delay Start
•·        Timer/On/Off
•·        Child Lock Out
•·        Clock Display
•·        Beeper Volume -Four volume control levels
•·        Glass Turntable
•·        10 Power Levels
From experience I take issue with the Popcorn Feature in that I have yet to get a decent bag of popcorn consistently and find it better to plug in the time manually which works far better.  The electronic touch pad is routine fare with a display window that is too small for a unit this size. The led is weak and difficult to read and we have to work at reading the display often shutting the blinds nearby.

The Reheat feature is actually pretty efficient taking about 2-3 minutes to heat in microwave friendly receptacles which I require be used. I have seen people try to heat up a Styrofoam cup of coffee or Tupperware and clearly the simplicity and safety of microwave use is lost on a few folks requiring that supervision.

The PEB2060DMWW is a quiet unit that is a bit of an eyesore on the counter. Frankly, I prefer installed units or no unit at all but in the interest of providing a good work environment, it becomes a necessity. The white finish and trapezoidal window are a bit dated in appearance considering all the flashy units on the market today, but in terms of performance, which counts, the PEB2060DMWW is a strong performer.
GE backs the unit with a limited one year warranty against material and workmanship issues and five years o the magnetron tube for workmanship and material defect.

All things considered, the PEB2060DMWW is a good choice for those with the need of an oversized unit looking to spend under $150.00 making this a good candidate for that application.

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