Michelle Williams. Should you expect the unexpected?

Dec 26, 2008
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Pros:Some great dance tracks, Williams a little more spunky than expected

Cons:There is a lot of filler when there was a potential for so much more.

The Bottom Line: Williams is definitely worth a listen.  She certainly has found a niche she could be viable in.  Let's hope she gets better material next time.

Michelle Williams.  It's a name you may or may not remember depending on how closely you followed the career of girl group of the new millenium Destiny's Child.  Once Destiny's Child became a trio Williams was the last member to be added and managed to be a survivor till the very end.  Which considering there were several casualties from the DC empire this speaks either to her talent or her ability to not step on Beyonce's toes.  She saved that satisfaction for Jennifer Hudson.  She also wasn't percieved a threat by daddy dearest Matthew Knowles.

I definitely think Michelle William’s debut is far more interesting than anyone expected. While it’s far from flawless, it is an album that has some good moments. Moments with far more impact than you would expect from a singer who spent her musical career playing Supreme to B’s Diana Ross. It’s also a far cry from her debut Heart To Heart which was a gospel album. Instead of a shout out to God we have a summons to the dance floor.

The album gets off to a good start. Kicking off with an introduction that isn’t useless is always a good thing and Michelle urges us to expect the unexpected. Then she immediately goes into a nice little jam called “Hello Heartbreak”. Her voice has always been different and she uses it nicely on this throbbing little song. It’s a little angelic, a little sequined and pretty cool. “We Break The Dawn” is a bit more sunny as she sings about partying all night. The song is very synthesized but I like it anyway. This was a number one dance song for her which is a nice little feat for her. There is also a remix of this featuring Flo Rida which has more of a street factor and aggressive beat. Another highlight is the slinky vibe of “Hungover” This will be a hit I predict if it’s released as it’s bold and smooth all at the same time. It’s also heavily synthesized but this doesn’t deter you from listening.

There are definitely moments though that pull this album down. I very rarely say this but “The Greatest” gets far more replay value in its dance remixes than it does as a ballad. The fact is in it’s original ballad version, featured here, it’s really kind of bland. It’s like an R. Kelly song stripped of all the ego-stroking preening and self important crooning. In its reincarnation as a dance song it gets a new disco-ball worthy makeover. She recently released a whole EP of remixes and a good portion of them are good. “Thank You” proves she needs the synthesizers because she sounds really young without them crushing you with wave after wave of booty shaking brassiness. She’s thanking her boyfriend for being a cheater because when she turns the tables she finds the love of her life. I like the song but her voice doesn’t really work in this setting.

“Till The End Of Time” is a great contender for stupidest lyrics of the year. She asks her lover if he would love her in spite of all these ludicrous circumstances. Let me pick this apart for a minute.
“What if they put me in prison
For reasons that you never know
Would you stand beside me
And call me your wifey and love me forever”
Umm,…..no! Sorry I wouldn’t wait for years for a significant other and not even know what they did. Hell, she could have pulled a Lorena Bobbit or something Most reasonable, sane people wouldn’t.
“Baby if I hopped on the plane and told the pilot take me away
I wonder would you still remain or would you stay with me.”
Again….no. How could he stay with you if you hopped on a plane? This girl has some pretty unrealistic expectations for a guy if you ask me. I mean I get the whole premise but the execution is a bit silly.
This is an album that is far better than I expected but still has several songs that don’t rise above average.

“Private Party” is lively filler but filler just the same as she invites her man to hang out with her so she can make him feel like a man. The production values on this one are not that great either. “Too Young For Love” doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the album although it is a pretty song. It’s like wearing a summer dress to the disco.

This is definitely an album to check out before you invest your money. Michelle Williams has a lot more potential than people realized. I don’t think it was completely realized as many tracks are pretty average at best. Yet, in the best moments on this CD Michelle proves she is a force to reckon with.

Unexpected Intro/Hello Heartbreak (4)
We Break the Dawn (4)
Lucky Girl Interlude/Lucky Girl (3)
The Greatest (3)
Till The End of The World (2)
Private Party (3)
Hungover (5)
We Break The Dawn (Remix feat. Flo Rida (4)
Stop This Car (3)
Unexpected (4)
Thank U (3)
Too Young For Love (3)

Average 3.42

Michelle Williams gets a respectable three stars.

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