Don’t Spill The Beans

Nov 4, 2001
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Pros:Easy to play

Cons:easy to lose the beans, lid does not stay secure

The Bottom Line: A cheap game to have on hand in case you need an extra holiday gift this year

Donít Spill The Beans is one of those games you can find in Rite-Aid for under six dollars. This is suitable for over the age of three but I would use caution since the beans are very small and the color is similar to regular beans. There are a few pieces to put together with ease and place the hand labels on the sides that hold the jar of beans in place. There are stickers to place for the eyes and mouth of the jar. We have only the hand labels left as my son peeled the stickers off long ago.

The jar sits on a flat red surface that has an indentation on both sides for the beans to rest while two to four players take turns placing their beans into the pot before it spills out. Donít Spill The Beans is a good cause and effect type of game and teaches how to keep things balanced or they tip over. My kids enjoyed the sound of the beans being tossed into the pot. The jar has a hard time staying upright once it has been tilted and sometimes the hand anchors need to be aligned.

The hand slots have the yellow stickers showing which position to place inside the slots to stand upright. The jar of beans has a knob that gets placed inside the slots to keep it secure. All the pieces are red with the beans being a tan type of color. The lid to the jar twists off but should fasten on there by pressing down. Once you hear the click move the lid in the other direction to keep it closed tight. Each side of the jar attaches to the hands inside the bottom compartment.

Honestly this has not held my childrenís interest for any length of time, but we still have it. What my six-year old son likes to do is use the beans with his toy bulldozers and move them around playing like a construction worker. I have not counted the number of beans we have left as I know it is not the exact amount that comes with Donít Spill The Beans. I would instead use the beans to line up and count or help with math problems as my son is now learning to add and subtract. We ran out of paper to use for practicing so will be using for future homework assignments the pot of beans to count.

There are a number of games on the market that do not require reading for children, this being one of them. The object of the game is to fill the jar up with all your beans to be the winner of Donít Spill The Beans.

Currently this is selling at for $7.99 and I could not find it listed at but have seen it many times when shopping in Kmart. This would probably make a good holiday gift for a preschool aged classmate or to have at a birthday party. At our house it just sits on a shelf collecting dust.

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