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Dec 27, 2008 (Updated Feb 27, 2009)
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Pros:Easy to install, comfortable, good price, 2 months battery life, fast connection & detection.

Cons:not durable, if you drop it, the button may come off!

The Bottom Line: It is easy to install, battery life is very good, comfortable, no more cable, fast connection and detection, good price!


For a long time, I have been using Logitech USB or PS2 Mouse or trackball. When I bought my MAC Book laptop and I found that it was hard and inconvenient to keep plugging and unplugging my USB mouse.

Since my MAC Book laptop comes with a built-in Bluetooth connection, I decided to buy one. It took me a while to decide to buy one of these Bluetooth mice because the price of the mouse is very expensive. If you go to Bestbuy, they can cost $50+ each.

So a Bluetooth mouse is a lot more expensive than a regular USB mouse, until I decided to visit where I could buy the Logitech Bluetooth mouse for $42.

Anyway, I will tell you what I like about the mouse and what I don't like about the mouse in the next paragraph.

What do I like about the mouse?

1. Easy to Understand Instructions. First of all I was scared that it was going to be very difficult to set up the Logitech Bluetooth mouse, but my fear was relieved when the mouse came with easy to understand instructions.

2. Easy to Set Up. After I run the Windows and MAC OS X Bluetooth detection setting, the computer found the mouse very fast! I was very impressed with the speed of the detection process. After I installed the Logitech mouse driver and software, the mouse software will tell me if the battery life is still good or not.

3. The Mouse is Very Comfortable. I am very happy with my Logitech Bluetooth mouse because it is very comfortable to use. The size is not too big/bulky and it is not too small.

4. The Movement is Very Precise. The precision of the movement is very precise and there is no jumping around cursor when I use the mouse which makes me very happy.

5. The Mouse Comes With On/Off Switch. This is an amazing feature that I wasn't expecting. I can turn the mouse on/off. When I don't use the mouse, I simple turn the mouse off to save its battery life.

6. It Comes With Scrolling Button. Believe it or not, some mice don't come with scrolling button, but this mouse does come with a scrolling button that makes life easier.

7. It Comes With Factory Batteries in the Box. Wow, the mouse comes with factory batteries, so when I opened the box, I didn't have to look around for AA batteries. I simply use the factory Duracell batteries that come with the mouse.

8. It is Laser Performance Mouse (Bye Bye Mouse Pads). I can use my bed sheet, comforter, computer desk surface and even use the palm of my hand to navigate the mouse. It is amazing because I don't really need a mouse pad to use the mouse.

9. No More Cable! Horay, I don't have to plug and unplug my USB mouse to my laptop anymore, as soon as I turn my laptop on, it will detect the Bluetooth mouse automatically! I am so glad that I no longer have to use cable USB mouse anymore because now I have an extra USB port that I can use for something else.

10. The Price is Right. Yes, the price is right for the quality of the mouse. The mouse doesn't feel cheap at all. For all the comfort and convenience, I didn't mind paying for the price.

11. The battery life is very good! I bought the mouse on Dec 25, 2008 and the batteries died on Feb 20, 2009, I was still using the same batteries! At least I know that the Duracel batteries that come with mouse last more than 1 month which is not bad at all! I have been carrying extra batteries in my laptop case just in case.

What I don't like about it.

Well, I was hoping the price would be cheaper but since Bluetooth devices are still quite expensive, $42 was a quite a bargain.

I just found that out what I don't like about this mouse, it is not durable! If you drop it like I did, the button of the mouse will come off! The mouse slipped from my hand and it dropped on my desk and the button popped out. Thankfully I was able to push the button back in, otherwise, I would have wasted $42!

The mouse doesn't come with Bluetooth adapter, if you are expecting that the mouse will come with Bluetooth adapter, you will be disapointed. This mouse is only for computer and laptop that already have built-in Bluetooth adapter. If your computer and laptop don't have a Bluetooth receiver adapter, you need to buy one before you can use this mouse.

Will I recommend this to my friend, family and everybody?

If you have the money and you are tired of using USB cable mouse, I really recommend you to buy the Logitech Bluetooth mouse because it is very convenient and comfortable to use. Just make sure that your computer/laptop is able to connect to bluetooth devices. If your laptop or computer doesn't have built-in bluetooth adapter, you can buy a bluetooth adapter for it.

In conclusion.

The Logitech Bluetooth mouse exceeds my expectations. I was a little bit reluctant to buy it, but now I am very happy with my decision to buy the mouse.

Just remember the mouse is easy to use, comfortable, easy to set up and the laser movement of the mouse is very precise! In summary, this mouse is amazing!

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