Horrible Machine

Jan 1, 2009
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Pros:rolls nicely

Cons:stopped working in 3 separate ways, maintenance is a pain, attachments can't ride along

The Bottom Line: Be warned! It stops working in many ways: loses suction, brush stops spinning, lights go out, it's heavy, attachments don't store on unit, filter and dirt cup require much maintenance.

I can hardly contain myself as I write this. I read reviews prior to purchasing this Windtunnel Bagless Canister Cleaner and thought negative reviewers might have been exaggerating or in bad moods. Well I've joined them.  After 1 year of owning this - I'm putting it on the curb. The tremendous suction it had at purchase is gone. And oh how I've worked on the machine. It's not the filters, it's not obstructions - those have been surrmountable issues in the past. Now the thing won't even hold up a piece of paper on high suction!  I'm never buying a bagless one again as the amount of time spent cleaning the filter (20 disgusting dusty minutes) is not worth the trouble of buying or changing bags.  And finally the rotating head has stopped rotating! I don't know how it's supposed to adjust to pile, but on my nearly zero nap berber carpet the brush stops the second I place the power head down. I tried trimming the bristles to no avail. The light on the power head is out already. And, as many have described, it is a royal pain to have attachments that you have to store separately.  The dirt cup fills fast and needs to be empyied after EVERY single use.  And it's heavy.  It was cute and effective for a few months - now it's leaving my house with no Hoover being allowed back in. 

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