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Now I know why they call it "MAGIC"

Jan 5, 2009 (Updated Jan 5, 2009)
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Pros:Works instantly, not much pressure is needed, cleans without toxic chemicals, fun to use.

Cons:None at all.

The Bottom Line: It's like toilet can't be without it.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is just too fun to use. I can't remember (but it's been a few years) who recommended it, but on a whim, I put some in my basket at the store. I have never gone back! I have found numerous things they work for over the years around the house.

When I moved into my new house 4 years ago, I inherited a glass stove. Boy does it get that grimy, black build-up quickly and I am not one to have harsh chemicals on hand to get rid of it. I'm too scared to use things like that even though the previous owner had left some very toxic, chemical-laden glass stove top cleaner behind. I was determined to figure out a better way and I did. Well it works great with the Magic Eraser, a little bit of water and wipe (I barely have to use pressure). I will also put in some baking soda with a few drops of water and that is the ultimate stove top cleaner. The magic eraser gets black, very black.

I am nostalgic for the ORIGINAL Mr. Clean Eraser. They have come out with other brands (that don't seem to work as well) or with dual sides that do other things, etc. But this orginal Mr. Clean Magic Eraser does the job great. It was originally invented for walls; to wipe off crayons when kids draw on the walls. Oh my gosh, do I wish I would have known about it sooner, I had used window cleaners, water and assorted wet cleaners all over my matte walls and scrubbed off a lot of paint (chipping the wall in places) and it not getting clean. But use a Magic Eraser, and it sort of wipes it clean and quite easily. I also use on our white, high-gloss rails, banisters, moulding, doors and closet doors. It gets pencils marks off (when I try everything to get them off the doors) with ease. You know how toddlers can be!

My toddler likes to write on our flat screen TV, a big investment to us with pencil! I found it wipes that clean without any problems!

We had construction workers in our house, redoing a bunch of walls and dripped paint all over my son's table and toys. I used the Magic Eraser and the paint drippings were gone.

On my shower door, I had used every internet trick in the book; vinegar on the shower (this does not work at all by the way and is stinky), to glass shower cleaners. But this wiped it up with no problems and complete ease! I just keep finding out things that it works for.

So some tips are to always have 2 or 3 on hand. They cost around $2, sometimes you see one for $1.50 or a two pack for $3 at Target, Walmart or any local grocery store (Safeway, and so on).

I have tried everything on grout and find these do not do much for that. They also turn black easy and crumble. I get about 3 or 4 uses out of each pad (like say on a wall you only get 2 uses out of it at most or a stove, but on a TV or shower door you can get quite a few uses out of it). It's nice to not have to use smelly, toxic chemicals that make me dizzy, too!

It has taken off smudges off wood, that I never thought would come off, pretty much everything except nail polish. I tried it on a blackened pan and it didn't help there much. On painted surfaces, it seems to work the best. It's really safe on matte paint when you think you need to be super delicate with matte paint. I've taken off scuffs on shoes, and surprise drawings on things by my son. One time I walked in the kitchen and my son had drawn all over our cupboards and appliances with a felt pen. It was scary and shocking, but I told my husband not to worry. I got out the Magic Eraser, and wala, it sparkled like new (phew, that was close!). Another time, he markered my car and it wiped up my car without any problems.

Now it doesn't work on fabric real great (they need to invent a magic eraser for that!). But it works on any surface that you want to be gentle enough not to scratch, but you need to get marks off of. Since I have children, I just cannot be without these. I have some upstairs and some down. I use it on my glass stove and shower doors regularly. No more spraying down my walls and scrubbing for me! I can get those marks off with ease!

If I can remember anything else I've used it on, I will update!

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