The Best Animal Movies

Nov 20, 2005

The Bottom Line The films on my list are included because they feature fine animal actors and the stories are all warm and true to the heart.

The best animal movies don't necessarily all have to deal with pets, such as dogs and cats, and even horses. Wild animals are also important in my list because they are important to the environment and the planet. The plight of many endangered species make for some of these films. So here is my list, not in any particular order:

1. Born Free: In my opinion, one of the best animal films because it tugs at your heart, the relationship between the humans and Elsa, the Lioness. And because its a true story, it deserves a place on the list.

2: Free Willy: The bond that develops between the boy and the Killer Whale is truly remarkable. I love this movie and its Orca star.

3. The Yearling: The classic tale of the young boy who befriends a young deer and the ultimate and tragic result of this unusual relationship.

4. The Black Stallion: One of the all-time best horse movies, the first half of the film featuring the boy and the stallion on the island takes your breath away.

5. Lassie Come Home: In my opinion, the best of the boy and his dog films. The movie of course stars the worlds most famous collie and young Rowdy McDowal.

6. The Incredible Journey (Original): The classic Disney film about the journey by 2 dogs and a cat features wonderful animals, beautiful scenery and rates amongst the best of it genre.

7. Old Yeller: Another Disney film, this ranks behind number 5 on the list as the second best boy and his dog film. The movie about the lovable yellow mongrel that steals the hearts of a frontier family.

8. March of the Penguins (2005): Being both a lover of animals and a birdwatcher, I have to include this great documentary about the lives of the king Penguin. Great in every aspect.

9. Winged Migration: Stunning photography features birds in flight around the globe. Filmed on every continent, this film examines flight as never before. A fantastic film for all.

10. My Friend Flicka: Perhaps the best movie about a young man (again Rowdy McDowal) and his beloved four footed friend, in this case, a wonderful horse whose name happens to be Flicka. Great family entertainment.

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