Grinds in Coffee

Jan 13, 2009
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Pros:Looks nice

Cons:Poor design
Doesn't keep coffee warm

The Bottom Line: Don't buy this!

We received this as a gift - we wanted a coffee maker with a stainless carafe to keep the coffee warm.  We've had it about two years now but recently replaced it.

I agree with the other reviewers about the carafe not keeping the coffee warm. It seems to be hot enough immediately after brewing but the coffee is not hot enough after less than an hour and has to be heated in the microwave if you want another cup. Also, unscrewing the pot to pour right after brewing is annoying because of the steam.

The water chamber is hard to fill - you have to pull it out from under the cabinet because the lid is so big. I also do not get why there are two huge holes so close to the water fill line - if they are there for steam release, fine, but they could be higher up so when you fill the reservoir water doesn't splash out all over the back.

The main reason we're replacing this is that the design of the brewing system causes the coffee filter to fall over, which causes grinds to go into the coffee pot, which has caused spills and overflows onto our kitchen counter multiple times. At first it happened once or twice and I didn't think much of it - I figured I just didn't put the filter in well.

Then it started happening more regularly so I watched it brew - where the hot water comes out is not in the middle of the filter basket, but off to the side, so the filter gets wet and floppy and falls over. Cleaning up steaming hot coffee flowing out of the coffee pot and onto the counter, headed toward the floor, is not easy. Even if you shut it off, it takes a few minutes for it to fully stop.  Brewed coffee remains in the basket...because the holes in the top of the coffee pot are full of grinds, the hot coffee just flows out of the basket and over the sides of the coffee pot onto the counter. Removing the pot is nearly impossible to do without getting burned.

So while technically this machine still "works" it's too much of a pain - I can't deal with turning off the coffee pot and walking away (or setting the timer for it to come on automatically) and feeling like I have to stand there and wait while it brews.

The coffee tastes more or less OK but in general this is a poorly designed product.

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