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Jan 13, 2009
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Pros:Great book, very informative


The Bottom Line: I would recommend this book to anyone, whether they have lost a loved one or not. It is very eye opening and awe inspiring.

I went looking for answers to life after death after my 14 year old daughter was killed in a car accident. I had talked to many people from different churchs and they all told me different things. The one that sent me searching was when I was told my daughter did not go to heaven because she had not yet accepted Christ as her savior. I could not accept that as an answer. How could God turn a 14 year old away and send her to Hell?

As I started picking up books I came across this one. It left me wanting more, and knowing that there had to be some truth to what he was saying.

As I was reading this I started looking for signs that she was still with us. And sure enough they were there, I was just not open to them in the beginning.

John Edward is a great writer and this book has taught me a lot on my journry for answers. THis book can be used as a guide in helping to find what you have lost, and the answers to the truth. Whenever I feel that I am missing my daughter and I can't see the signs anymore I go back and re-read parts of this book to help me find her again.

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