Gas Cooktop - caught fire - KitchenAid model 566

Jan 15, 2009 (Updated Jan 15, 2009)
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Pros:Looks modern, clean.

Cons:Safety is a problem--ours caught fire under NORMAL USE!

The Bottom Line: Do not buy this product--not worth risking a fire.  Kitchen Aid needs to re-design their ignitor or improve quality control and recall this product.

Product:  Kitchen Aid 5-burner Gas cooktop, model KG CC 566 RWW, $825.

Length of use:  less than 6 months

Reason for purchasing:  Previous cooktop was Kitchen Aid (no problems for nearly 20 years)

Pros:  looks modern, clean. 

Cons:  Safety seems to be a problem with the unit we purchased--it caught fire under NORMAL USE! 

===>  I  believe there is a defect in the unit we got, either the design or construction

Recent experience with product:  One day, the clicking noise never stopped.  Then, it caught fire!!!  Flames came up through the on/off knobs.  Some melted-in-place and are stuck now.  We had to put-out the fire w/ a small carpet.  Unplugged the electrical cord.  Shut-off the gas to the unit.  Circuit breaker was not tripped.   It appears to be some defect in the unit itself, which is sealed.  Specifically, the ignitor, which creates the spark to light the flame.

This was SCAREY to have a cooktop catch fire under NORMAL use!!! Our previous Kitchen Aid cooktop NEVER had any such problem, even after nearly 20 years of use. 

Recommendation:  Stick w/ the 20-year old Kitchen Aid cooktop.  Don't buy this new model--not worth risking a fire in your kitchen.

Resolution:  Contacted Kitchen Aid customer service to report incident.  Referred to safety department.  They will send a technician out in 3 business days, and order replacement parts.  They said if the parts do not arrive within 2 weeks, to call them back.  

The cooktop is a sealed unit, thus, it is doubtful that any parts can be replaced, other than the on/off knobs and grill. 

(update on resolution will be posted after technician inspects the unit)

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