Worst toaster oven ever?

Jan 20, 2009
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This toaster oven, as others have pointed out, is well designed from an esthetic point of view, but that's where the quality of this product ends.  Some of the problems I've encountered,

- it toasts unevenly
- toasting takes a long time
- toasting time is progressively shorter with each toast
- the timer ticks after heating elements have turned off
- the timer "ding" is easy to miss
- one cannot turn oven on without using timer
- the oven rack can easily slide out of rails

This last point is a horrific problem with this oven, the rack can easily slide out of the oven after warming something and I have almost had the entire rack slide out onto the counter on a couple of occasions.

The KitchenAid toaster oven is the single worst kitchen appliance I have ever owned.  I am on the verge of replacing this and donating it but would be embarrassed to offer it to a homeless shelter.  Stay away from this product.

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