The 'writing utensil' write-off...

Dec 1, 2005

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      sleeper54's Writing Utensil Write-off

Why . . .??      Just because.

Are you a 'clicker' or a 'capper'..??

Do you prefer a mechanical pencil or an old-fashioned wooden pencil..??

Have you ever written a note (or more!) using a highlighter..?? Did you feel 'OK' about that..??

Have you ever had a 'writing utensil' embarrass you..?? (By leaking, breaking, making an inappropriate noise, etc.)'

Have you ever used chalk on a real chalkboard..??

Have you ever 'clapped erasers' after school..??

Do you share your 'writing utensils' with family, co-workers, strangers..??

What is the strangest thing you have ever done with a 'writing utensil'..?? Was it legal in Connecticut..??

Have you ever reviewed a 'writing utensil' on Epinions..?? (Go ahead . . .pimp it you bad girl..!!)

What is the strangest 'improvised writing utensil' you have ever written with..?? **

Has a 'writing utensil' ever changed your life..??

Have you ever ran the ink out of an ink pen 'writing utensil'..??

Do you think 'writing utensils' have any place in the final achievement of 'world peace'..?

Have you ever used 'white-out' (or a similar product) to correct an error made by a 'writing utensil'..??

Do you like the phrase 'writing utensil'..??

If you could write 'the great American novel' . . .what 'writing utensil' would you use..??

Give us your final thoughts about 'writing utensils'. Make sure you talk about your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations. That will make for some really good reading..!!

Answer any, or all, or none! Hell, write about what you want to talk about. (As long as it does not involve politics, war, race, or religion.) It is all good..!!

That is it..!! That was pretty much fun, was it not..!?!

!!..Thanks for participating..!!


** Bonus points awarded to the first male that says:
' When I was eleven years old . . .'

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