Let the buyer beware!!

Jan 24, 2009
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Pros:Matches the washer

Cons:Broke down completely; worst customer service imaginable.

The Bottom Line:

Weak product with absolutely no customer service.

I'll be brief.  I've always owned standard dryers that today would cost about $300.00.  My wife wanted to 'upgrade' so we got rid of our perfectly good washer/dryer of 15 years and bought a Whirlpool Duet washer/dryer at a cost of about $1900.

Three years later the dryer stopped working.  I called an authorized serviceman.  The cost to fix was over $400.00!!!!   I was spending more to fix this than it would cost to buy a perfectly good (standard) dryer!!  The motor, blower wheel and belt switch needed to be replaced.  The serviceman said it was caused by lint, even though we clean the lint after every use.  He said it's a common problem with these units (lint in the motor area).

I wrote to Whirlpool and received a call from a customer service guy.  He was so rude.  I guess that's a tough job.  He said, "buried in the owners manual, is a statement that the owner MUST have this serviced by an authorized technician every two years."  I've owned a few dryers and have never heard of a requirement to have them serviced ($70.00 per visit).  I'm protesting that a dryer costing 2 to 3 time more than a standard dryer should have better longevity than 3 years!!!  As of right now, they are thumbing their nose at me and saying, "too bad."  So, Let the Buyer Beware.  I will never again buy a Whirlpool product.

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