Top 15 Nine Inch Nails songs

Dec 17, 2005 (Updated Dec 27, 2005)

The Bottom Line These songs will turn you into a Nine Inch Nails fan.

Nine Inch Nails are an incredible group that need no introduction. They define Industrial music in every sense. If you are trying to get into the band I suggest listening to these songs first. This is my playlist of my favorite Nine Inch Nails songs.

15) We're In This Together - We're In This Together is recorded on "The Fragile" double disc CD. The song begins with a playful, almost tribal, percussion section. This lasts only a few seconds as it fades to fuzzy guitars and electronic buzzes. Trent screams angry love lyrics that sound beautiful. This song was the second single off "The Fragile." This song should probably be higher on my list, but I don't have time to think about where to put it.

14) The Great Below - The Great Below appears on "The Fragile" CD. Again, it is a softer song, but Trent's voice is beautiful. My favorite part is when he announces, "As I decend from grace/In arms of underflow/I will take my place/In the great below." This song is wonderful from start to finish.

13) Into the Void - Into the Void, which is also featured on "The Fragile" starts off with a bell chiming introduction. This song displays a danceable synth beat that is extremely catchy as well. Again, this is also a lighter song.

12) Mr. Self Destruct - Finally, a heavy song. Mr. Self Destruct is recorded on "The Downward Spiral" CD (which I consider their best work). The song opens up with what sounds like gun shots and somebody grunting. The guitar in this song are incredible. Espeacilly the weird solo thing at the end. Trent's voice is razor sharp and really draws you in. This is an incredible song.

11) Wish - Wish is recorded on NIN's EP "Broken." Broken produces a number of heavy songs including this one. The guitar part is simplistic but enjoyable as Trent screams his way through this track. Check out my "Broken" review for more on this song and album.

10) Sin - Sin is recorded on "Pretty Hate Machine", NIN first album, and is nothing short of incredible. It is very industrial (go figure) and contains sing along lyrics such as "Do you think I wouldn't recognize/This comprimise/Am I just too stupid to realize." This is a must-listen-too track.

9) Gave Up - Gave Up is recorded on the "Broken" album. I consider it Wish's big brother because the drums and guitar sound similar. The only real diiference are the lyrics. Trent's voice is also heavily distorted. This is still a good track.

8) StarF*ckers Inc. - StarF*ckers Inc. is recorded on the "Fragile" album. This is a heavy track with an incredible beat. Trent sings angry lyrics about how people idolize stars too the point that their our Gods. I really enjoy this song a lot. Go download it right now.

7) Piggy - Piggy is recorded on the "The Downward Spiral" album and is very creepy. The beat is eerie and the song is very slow. The lyrics are about someone leaving black and blue with broken bones, and left them there to die alone (those were some lyrics). It is still a very good track.

6) Head Like A Hole - Head Like A Hole is recorded on the "Pretty Hate Machine" album and was a HUGE hit. This was one of the first Nine Inch Nails song I've heard. The track is semi-heavy with a shout along chorus. If you haven't heard this song I'm sorry for you.

5) Closer - Closer is recorded on "The Downward Spiral" album. The infectious beat draws you in from the start and then the lyrics grab you. Chances are you've heard this song because it's almost as big as a single as Head Like A Hole. Yes, this is the song where the chorus is "I wanna f*** you like an animal." This is another essential listening.

4) March of the Pigs - March of the Pigs is recorded on "The Downward Spiral" album (notice a pattern?). This song has my favorite drum work of all of NIN's songs. It kicks in immediately as Trent screams through this song. This is a great tune to rock out too.

3) Hurt - Hurt is an incredibley soft, powerful song recorded on "The Downward Spiral album. This was the first song I had ever heard from NIN and is probably why I'm still a fan today. The guitar is quiet and creepy as Trent delicately sings over them. If there is one song you listen to by them, if your a new fan, listen to this one!

2) The Becoming - This might be a surprise to hardcore fans, but this is a personal favorite of mine. This song is recorded on "The Downward Spiral" album. This song is incredibley industrial as Trent screams and even screeches at some points over an electronic beat. This song is about someone changing into someone else completely different.

1) Suck - This may also come as a surprise too hardcore fans. There is something about this song that makes it impossible not to like. It might be the beeping/synth beat, or the crunching guitars right before the chorus, or maybe even the lyrics (which could be about a BJ). Overall, this song has my vote for my favorite NIN song of all time. Thank you for your time as well. Peace.

Honorable Mentions: The Perfect Drug, Terrible Lie, and Now I'm Nothing (rare).

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