Is it really better to have loved and lost...?

Feb 11, 2009
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Pros:Style, Size, Cooked nicely.

Cons:Very short life-span, disposable appliance.

The Bottom Line: If you like buying a new one every couple of years, this B&D is great. However, if you enjoy committed relationships, set your standards for a toasteroven a little lower.

My husband bought this for me as a gift because he knew I was obsessed with toaster ovens, since my college roommate had introduced me to them.

I absolutely loved this Black & Decker one! I really liked the design and capacity, and it was super easy to use. I cooked almost every meal in it for 2 years exactly. It was so much more efficient than heating an entire oven just for small things like biscuits or chicken fingers, leftovers, or even meals for two.

The only complaints I had were that the stainless steel got very hot when in use---a few of my plastic spice jars melted when I accidentally set them on it, and the "stainless steel" became a rusty color just above the glass door, where I guess some of the heat escaped.

After 2 years of love and convection, the oven/broiler died and all that works is the toaster, which I almost never use.

Is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? I can't seem to find a good replacement, as I have become spoiled by the size and style. No other oven seems sufficient in comparison. I can't decide whether or not I will just keep buying another of the same kind and throw away the old one when it craps out on me, like a disposable diaper.

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