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by mjhhiv
If someone was to take these words to heart, they'd write a really s.hi.tty review.

FINALLY, video games are reaching the point where they're evolving into something more than "story graphics gameplay sound". Thank god. Why in the world would you EVER encourage that?
Jun 26, 2010
9:34 pm PDT

How To Write A Video Game Review
by greenfern8
LOVED the comment that this should be required reading for newbies. I'M a newbie. My English professor wisely left me a link to your comment as required reading for his course as it should be. I am not a gamer, but some of my family members REALLY are, so I'm around it a lot, but your piece taught me several new things, and was very well written.
Sep 6, 2007
10:41 pm PDT

by phungus
Feb 3, 2007
9:03 am PST

by dimeuhday
Game reviews, are my favorite reviews. I look for the same things when rating them. However sometimes I read game reviews that speak of all of this, yet the reviewer does not add how they liked the game- i dont usually downgarde because of it though... only if a lot of info is missing. Like the story- the story for me is probably the most important. Especially if Ive never played the game. Anyways... great pointers, this is why your an advisor. ;)
Feb 2, 2007
9:43 am PST

Re: Very good
by phungus
I'll keep an eye out for your next review!
Apr 20, 2006
6:24 am PDT

Very good
by joey_13_1998
My reviews kinda suck and now I know what to do to make them better.
Apr 19, 2006
2:04 pm PDT

Re: Thanks for this -
by phungus
Yeah, it is not a tough category. Please do come post some reviews!
Mar 4, 2006
7:11 am PST

Thanks for this -
by joyfulgirl91
I will be diving in here as soon as the current 3legged write/off is over and I have time. I'm dying to write some game reviews, but it's a scary category. After reading this, I feel like if I am myself and apply the same standards of all my other reviews to the games, I will do fine.
Mar 3, 2006
2:46 pm PST

Re: Re: nice review...
by underdawg
I'd like to see their reaction. Try it!
Jan 21, 2006
12:32 pm PST

Re: nice review...
by phungus

It would be kind of funny if I left a Somewhat Helpful rating and then for a comment all I put was a link to this. I'd probably make some newbie pretty mad.
Jan 5, 2006
4:29 pm PST

nice review...
by firstcontact21
this should be required reading for all newbies!
Jan 5, 2006
3:42 pm PST