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Mar 6, 2009
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Pros:Great price, holds over 800 10 megapixel photos

Cons:May not work in older digital cameras.

The Bottom Line: The Transcend 4Gb SDHC Class 6 memory card is a solid performing memory card that not only has high speeds but can survive high heat conditions.

The Transcend 4Gb SDHC TS4GSDHC6 is the perfect double down purchase.  Most of us purchase high capacity memory cards thinking of them as both an investment and a great deal for their size.  However, with the rapid advances in portable consumer memory, the need for over 4Gb of Secure Digital memory is an excessive purchase.  The industry is moving away from Secure Digital to mini SD cards which are almost 1/8 the size.  Instead, I encourage you to buy two of these cards to give yourself a ready spare for those valuable photo and video memories.

SDHC memory is an extension of the original secure digital standard that allows capacities greater than 2 GB.  This card operates at up to 6 Mb/s write speeds to power through almost any storage problem you can come up with.  The TS4GSDHC6 memory card is as a result classified as a Class 6.  You can also purchase Class 4 and Class 2 cards which are 4 Mb and 2 Mb write speeds respectively.

SDHC memory has a wide range of uses beyond just digital cameras.  You can now insert this memory into SDHC digital photo frames to enjoy family photos without the hassle of turning on a desktop computer.  SDHC cards can also be used with Windows Vista to expand the storage capacity of notebook and mini laptops with a free SDHC slot.

Always format a new SDHC within your camera or digital video recorder.  The operation will ensure optimum performance in your electronics because some brands like Canon still use proprietary storage formats.

Some electronics are not compatible with SDHC.  Check your device's support website before purchasing this card. 

Digital Video Recording
The card does a great job keeping up with the demands of my HD video camera.  I have seen other cards generate IO errors while storing video streams but this card has never done that.  Digital video playback and downloading with this card is very fast, making it my card of choice for any photography work I do.

Lifetime Warranty
Mechanical write-protection switch
SDHC Class 6
Built-in Error Correcting Code (ECC) to detect and correct transfer errors
SDMI compatible

I keep my 4Gb Transcend SDHC memory card in my car inside a digital camera.  The card keeps working flawlessly despite the higher than normal heat conditions.  The low price, high capacity and heat tolerance all combine to make for a great card that will be there anytime you need it.  If you shop around you can find some fantastic deals on the TS4GSDHC6, right now Amazon is selling it for $9.88.

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