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Mar 6, 2009 (Updated Mar 6, 2009)
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The earbuds come with a few different earsize adaptors. They fit well and nicely in the ear. The problem is the sound quality. They are bassy and boomy well up to 250 Hz I would say. Though it isn't uncomfortable to listen to, it becomes annoying after a while because this is not how my favourite songs sound like. At the same time the tweeter range is a bit dampened, further making the impression of a bassy boomy set of earbuds. These earbuds could be a special set to use if you want to kick up the bass for fun, but get something else to listen to for high fidelity. (Unfortunately that seems impossible, reading reviews. Why don't at least one company make a natural-sounding set of earbuds? Why?)

I've noticed thay if you insert them loosely in the ear, maybe using a small earsize adaptor, they sound more natural. Because of this I'm changing them to "recommended".

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