Loving My Whirlpool Velos!!

Mar 7, 2009
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Pros:Looks great, Cleans easily, easy to use touch screen, large cooking capacity

Cons:popcorn sensor not accurate, door is heavy.

The Bottom Line: If you are looking for an amazing addition to your Kitchen, and can afford a little luxury, This is a great addition to add to your kitchen!

I truly love this product, I have had my Velos for almost 1 year, I use it more than my oven, or cooktop. The Steamer makes fish moist and will steam any vegetable to perfection. just follow the directions on the touch screen, and even those who do not know how to cook will look like a chef! My teenagers are constantly asking me to allow them to take the Velos to college with them, HA!
Every morning I prepare my Bacon or sausage on my Sizzle pan in the Velos, then I stir fry the hash browns peppers, onions in the sizzle pan, and then make a huge omelet! I do this for 2 adults, 3 teenage boys, and 1 preteen. I am amazed how much time I save by using the Velos, verses my skillet, and the stove top! 
 The sizzle pan also makes Brownies better than my oven, chewy and moist! I do not use the convection often, so I do not have a proper review of that part.
The popcorn button seems to be a little off, But I have NEVER found a microwave that can pop a perfect bag of popcorn.
The Velos is also easy to clean, the front wipes with simple windex, while the inside I use the same thing, or a damp cleaning cloth. The inside of the machine is the biggest I have seen, it allows for easy rotation of most foods. I have used the grilling racks for anything from cooking meat to heating bread sticks, it is amazing what this machine will do when compared to the average microwave. I only wish I had space for 2 of these machines, I would have No use for my oven at all!
WELL worth the cost! Totally reccomend!

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