Mar 9, 2009 (Updated Mar 23, 2009)
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Cons:Inadequate filtering mechanism that leaks hot oil when filtering. Hot walls. Very messy to use.

The Bottom Line: Deceiving unit, dangerous to use (hot walls and spits hot oil out when  lid is not in place) and extremely messy (oil leaks). Consider another type of fryer.

This unit was used maybe a dozen times only. No problems with the first uses but it soon turned into a nightmare when filtering oil. The oil transfer mechanism is inappropriate and leaks.

After messing up the kitchen we elected to use it outside on the patio but the unit consistently stained our patio stones and concrete with significant quantities of hot oil. Very messy to use. The bottom storage container of filtered oil also leaks when pouring the oil back into the unit. Poor design.

In addition, the unit stainless steel walls are not insulated and get very hot. Can burn children or even unsuspected adults.

When the oil is at high temperatures, opening the lid often results into splashes of hot oil outside of the unit.

Opening the lid (that is not attached to the unit) results into more stains since the condensate that drips also contains oil. Troublesome to use.

In the end we used the unit in a container big enough to hold spills and even though we did not switch the control to "filter", the end result was a major hot oil spill after cooking was done but hopefully contained this time.  It immediately went to the garbage as is.

What a waste for the environment... all that stainless steel at the dump!

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