Worthless as an Access Point

Mar 15, 2009
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Pros:Price, size, good wireless range (when it works), easy installation, can extend a wired LAN

Cons:Wireless signal drops for no reason. Don't try to use it as an Access Point.

The Bottom Line: Good 4-port router - worthless as a wireless Access Point because the wirelss signal will not stay up for more than one or two days.

I bought the WBR-2310 router to extend my existing wired network and to use as an Access Point for my single wireless laptop. The four wired ports worked fine but the wireless signal would just quit for no reason and the wirelss connection would not stay up for more than one or two days. The wired connections were not affected. Dlink tech support walked me through all the wireless setup procedures for an Access Point (all of which I had done many times already) and finally advised me to return it to the store for another one.  The replacement router has the same wirelss problem. Dlink tech support then walked me through making changes to certain settings on the Advanced Wireless page (Beacon Interval, RTS Threshold, Fragmentation, etc.).  After some research, I discovered that the changes were intended to correct problems with network contention when using multiple wireless computers, which was not my situation, and had nothing to do with the wireless signal just disappearing.  DLink tech support could not offer any more suggestions.  According to there support web page, "D-Link does not offer refunds under any circumstances. Please contact the point-of-purchase for their refund/return policy" and the store’s exchange/return policy is only 14 days so I’m out of luck.

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