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Mar 24, 2009
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Pros:Several Cushion Sizes
Good Fit in Ear
Quality Headphones
Volume Control on Cord

Cons:Not everyone likes things in their ears
Will wear out over time

The Bottom Line:

These headphones are great quality for a reasonable price.  I highly recommend them.

You may have heard the question, “Which is better,  Ford or Chevrolet,  Nike or Adidas, Snicker or Milky Way?”  I’m not a firm believer in one thing or another.  I either like something or I don’t.  I have, however, recently come across a pair of earphones that I like, the KOSS KE29A Isolating Earbud headphones.  The sound of them brings music to my ears, quite literally.  I like them for the following reasons. 
Quality:  Over the years, I’ve owned several pairs of headphones from different brands.  I’ve seen that there are few brands as reliable as KOSS.  The other thing I like besides this quality is the price.  A pair of the KE29A Isolating Earbud Headphones has a price range between $20 and $30 definitely making an investment in these headphones worth it.  

Lightweight:  This pair of headphones actually sits in the ear.  I have enjoyed my set of KOSS KE29A Isolating Earbud headphones because of the way they sit in my ear.  Have you ever used your headphones for a short amount of time before they had to be taken out because of the discomfort that it was causing on your ears?  I don’t recommend keeping earphones in constantly because of the hearing loss one may attain from doing so, however, these earphones are a comfortable fit.  I’ve fallen asleep with my headphones in my ear and forgotten all about them completely.  They are that good. 

Four Foot Cord with Volume Control:  One good thing about these headphones is the longer four foot cord and the volume control attached to it.  The volume control allows me to adjust the volume quickly without having to pull the whole Ipod out of my pocket when I am our running.  Also, the length of the cord at four feet is perfect.  I feel like I can run comfortably without hitting the headphones out of my ears, yet, they are short enough that I don’t get tangled up in the cord.  

Soft Carrying Case:  The KOSS headphones come with a protective storage case.  The case is made of cloth so it doesn’t take up much room and you can fold it up and put it in your pocket.  That is a good way to store them and retrieve them quickly. 

Several Ear Cushion Sizes:  One thing that I like about these headphones is the small, medium, and large sizes of cushion that comes with it.  This allows for a person to choose how big or small he wants his headphones.  I personally have large ears so what fits in my ear won’t fit in someone else’s ear.  Luckily, these headphones come with these different sizes.
Everyone has their personal choices for what they like or dislike but in the end, if you like affordability and great quality in headphones the

KOSS KE29A Isolating Earbud headphones will be a good investment.  It has been for me.

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