20 Songs To Listen To Before You Die

Jan 24, 2006

The Bottom Line God gave rock and roll to you so you better Rock and roll all nite and party every day! Thank you, goodnight. Elvis Has Left The Buildinig ZEPPELIN RULES!

I couldn't bring myself to put them in order because they are so excellent it's hard to place one above the other. Plus it's a little biased cause i'm only young and i havn't listened to every song in the world, but these are very very good if you get the chance.

Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones
It's such an awesome song, from such an awesome band. It has that sweet bit at the end where mick goes really high.

another brick in the wall - Pink Floyd
So perfect. even though the little kids accents get on my nerves sometimes.

London Calling - The Clash
This song never gets old. I've heard it so many times but it's still as good as the first time.

Stairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin
Many people say it's the best rock song ever made and i find it hard to disagree. It's just so cool how it builds up slowing throughout the song till the final...finale.

Sympathy for the devil - Rolling Stones
Probably my favourite rolling stones song. It's wicked how it goes through tons of bad things in history, and how "he" was the cause of it all. And so many cool lyrics in there.
"i watched with glee while you kings and queens fought for ten decades, for the gods they made, i shouted out who killed the kennedys, when after all it was you an me."
And the ending rocks too. "hoo hoo, tell me sweety, hoo hoo, whats my name?"

babe I’m gunna leave you - Led Zeppelin
Another awesome Zeppelin song sorta similar to stairway. This man could sing anything and make it cool.

Beast Of Burden - Rolling Stones
This song rocks cause it has so many different parts to it. another one of those songs i never get tired of.

Over the hills and far away - Led Zeppelin
here he is again. His voice is just so cool. And that bit when everybody comes together rocks.

Paint It black - Rolling Stones
It's kinda depressing, yet so awesome at the same time. with some awesome lyrics thrown in "Like a newborn baby it just happens everyday"

God gave rock and roll to you - Kiss
This song rocks so much at the end of bill & ted's bogus journey. It makes you wanna quit your job and become a rock-star.

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Like stairway it is the top song in many of these lists. Everyone has heard it at some point even if they don't think they have. There's something in thi song for eveyone.

Bycicle race - Queen
Another classic by queen that a lot of people know. I like it especially for the verses. "You say coke I say caine
You say John I say Wayne
Hot dog I say cool it man
I don't wanna be the President of America
You say smile I say cheese
Cartier I say please
Income tax I say Jesus
I don't wanna be a candidate for
Vietnam or Watergate"

Rock and roll all nite - Kiss
kiss are the kings of making good catchy rock songs that everybody knows. I wanna rock and roll all nite...and party every day!

I was made for loving you - Kiss
kiss are the kings of making good catchy rock songs that everybody knows. its awesome when they hum the chorus.

We are the champions - Queen
This songs one of the best no questions asked. It's one of them inspirational songs that makes you wanna run somewhere. at least it makes me want to run somewhere.

Sweet Child of mine - Guns 'N Roses
I honestly don't think they could of made this any better. It rocks the casbah! (coincidentally Rock The Casbah was just missed out on this list.)

Hotel California - The Eagles
The best eagles song ever, and one of the best relaxy cruisy songs ever. If you really want a trip try the Hotel California version they do on their hell freezes over dvd, the concert they do after they've been retired for 15 years. It's got an even better starting and it takes a while before you realise which song it is.

Satisfaction - Rolling Stones
Pure genius.

Gunna Fly Now - Rocky Orchestra
the Main theme from the movie rocky and the most Inspirational song ever written. If you don't start running or punching when you hear this song then i'll give you ten bucks. (well...okay you know i wont i was just saying it to emphasise my point)

Bat out of hell - Meatloaf
At almost ten minutes it's pretty long but every bit is pure awesome. It's got so many bits and i don't think i've ever got bored of listening to it. The best bits near the end when it goes "breaking outta my body and flying away.....oooooh like a bat out of hell!"

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