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Mar 27, 2009 (Updated Mar 27, 2009)
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Pros:Good sound quality, Nice programmable features, Easy to use

Cons:Limited battery life, Some difficulty with track storage

The Bottom Line: Good, basic, introductory media player

After having had a positive experience with Coby products (portable DVD player), in the past, when I saw their regularly priced $59.99 MP705 Digital Media Player on sale at Sears for $39.99 last Fall, I couldn't resist making the purchase. I had been looking for a good, basic, reasonably priced MP3 Player, and the extra features of a video player, photo storage, and FM radio, plus the 2 GB of storage, sold me on this model. I also liked the thin, 3.7x 1.64x 0.37 inch sleek design, which easily fits inside my purse and comfortably in the palm of my hand.

Basic Features:

The Coby MP705 Ditigal Media Player features integrated flash memory and touchpad control with backlight, making it easy to select modes in low lighting. The player has a 2" LCD full-color display screen and has ID3 and LCR support for song and synchronized lyric information display. It has an integrated FM radio and USB 2.0 Hi-speed for fast file transfer. The package contains the MP3 player, a USB cable, instruction manual, set of stereo earphones and installation CD. Installation a snap with the software included in the package, and the touchpad controls are easy to use. Power is activated with a hold power switch on the top edge, with an LCD display for menu, options, ok, and directional buttons, with a handy pinpoint re-set button and mini-USB port on the bottom edge. 
Menu Options:

The menu options include music; which displays the music category such as pop, jazz, classical, etc., song title, album title, music category and playing time, as well as album photo, if available. Function choices include start/resume/pause or playback, skip to the next track, fast-forward through the current track, play the previous track, or reverse through the current track via the directional arrows. The arrows also control the volume level. Similar features are available for the picture mode, which also allows for rotating pictures and starting or stopping a slideshow. A show-timer allows the user to adjust the amount of time between pictures in the slideshow mode, and a zoom option magnifies the shot. The movies features plays videos horizontally, using the same type of function controls as the music player. The FM radio mode allows the user to tune stations manually or add/delete pre-set stations, and auto scan. An E-book feature allows the user to play text files loaded on the player, and toggle between auto and manual mode. Bookmarks can be added as well. The Explorer mode allows the user to view all folders and files loaded onto the player. If a compatible file is selected and confirmed, it will be played in the corresponding mode; music mode: MP3, WMA; video Mode: AVI; Photo mode: JPEG, E-book mode: TXT. Basic set-up modes include an equalizer, repeat mode, lyric display, sleep (power saving feature) and date and clock.

Downloading files:

After downloading music selections from an on-line store or subscription service, the files are simply transferred onto the device via Windows Media Player. The 2 G memory has the capability of storing up to 500 MP3 songs, and 1,000 WMA. Files are easily transferred to the MP3 player via USB port by clicking the sync mode on the music library screen on your computer. Videos are also downloaded from Windows Media Player during the sync process.

My Experience:

I  have found the Coby MP705 Digital Medial Player to be a great deal for the price. The sound quality of the music is excellent, pretty much on par with most portable CD players, and the navigational features are easy to use, although the screen is so touch sensitive, you have to be careful not to jump tracks accidentally. The photo and video quality with 220 x 176  pixel resolution is somewhat lacking in sharpness and clarity, but about the average that you find with most digital video keychains with similar sized screens. The FM radio feature allows the user to save up to 40 pre-set stations and offers good audio clarity.

One of the drawbacks of this player is that it has a relatively short battery life of about 45 minutes. I also have had some difficulty with storing more than 30 songs from my music library in Windows Media Player. Although the device shows that it has additional tracks stored, it begins to recycle the same tunes after about the 30th track.

Overall, the Coby MP705 Digital Medial Player is a good basic MP3 player, although it is lacking some of the bells and whistles of the higher priced models. It is a bargain for the price, and the extra features of photo and video playing and E-book capability are icing on the cake. Although I have yet to use the E-book feature, it is a nice option. For convenience, size, price, and ease of use, this product is hard to beat. It is a fine introductory MP3 player for those who are new to the technology, and are just looking for a good, basic, easy to use, device.

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