Nice fryer, would buy again

Apr 6, 2009 (Updated Apr 6, 2009)
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  I have had this fryer for about a month and a half, and have not had any problems with it.  It heats quickly (compared to my previous fryer), and seems to keep the heat well.  It recovers fairly quickly.  I use it to fry wings (about once a week) and have had nice crispy wings each time.  The only time it wasn't as crispy as I like is when I overloaded it (with 22 wing sections) and I only cooked the usual amount of time.   But they were all still well cooked.  I have used the draining system a couple times with no problems.  You have to wait for the oil to cool, and then drain.  It takes a while to drain, but it gets it done, and makes for much easier clean up.  Watch when you start, just to make certain it is draining properly (others have had issues from what I have read).

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