Unexpected speaks for itself

Apr 9, 2009 (Updated Apr 26, 2009)
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Pros:The synth heavy jams, Michelle's voice, Pure Pop

Cons:"Thank U" pretty much sucks, the album had no success

The Bottom Line: An undeniable talent that I rather listen to than the useless Kelly Rowland and the annoying Beyonce Knowles.

Michelle Williams, one third of Destiny's Child, hardly had any spot in a Destiny's Child song. She always had the bridge, which, of course, is the most forgettable aspect of a full verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge song. That's not to say she doesn't have a voice. Her voice is much more profound than Kelly's and she can probably go up against Beyonce in a vocal to vocal battle. Her first full solo contemporary R&B album, Unexpected, hardly had any promotion and popped into stores without anyone really noticing. Most of you will regret this, as her album is better than any solo album Beyonce or Kelly has ever done.

is chock full of synth heavy majestics, with scorchy choruses that'll rattle in your head when you're trying to go to bed. Sadly, Michelle Williams was late into breaking away from gospel, since Beyonce's album was already getting word around the release of Unexpected and Kelly Rowland already established two albums. Still, the music is way better than Kelly's ever will be and some exceeds Beyonce's blandness. "We Break The Dawn" is a synth heavy, fun pop song that holds a lightness the former two group members lack while "Hello Heartbreak" is a dark and muffled dance groove that was easily copied by Beyonce on "Sweet Dreams" on her album I Am... Sasha Fierce. The title track is a chilling mid-tempo with echoing antics and "The Greatest," produced by Jim Jonsin, sounds like it could have been produced by Stargate but instead, the claps are harder and the song never gets repitive, as the catchiness in the song is in Michelle's voice. The only Stargate produced song here is "Stop This Car," which is fastly repitive but nonetheless enjoyable.

Unexpected is highly enjoyable and is the only true pop album a Destiny's Child member as ever made. But this isn't a Britney kind of pop album. Synth heavy songs fit Michelle Williams, especially on "Lucky Girl," with a fast paced melody and insane production. Truthfully, the only bad song here is "Thank U," which sounds like a slower version of Kelly Clarkson's "Thankful," only with a harder clap. Unexpected is the best album a Destiny's Child member has ever produced and it's too bad it didn't have the success it deserved. Nevertheless, enjoy the neo-disco tracks of "Till The End of The World" and "Private Party" and dance!

Bold Tracks Are Best Tracks.

1. Intro
2. Hello Heartbreak
3. We Break The Dawn
4. Lucky Girl Interlude / Lucky Girl
5. The Greatest
6. Till The End Of The World
7. Private Party
8. Hungover
9. We Break The Dawn Part 2 feat. Flo Rida
10. Stop This Car
11. Unexpected
12. Thank U
13. Too Young For Love

: 3.5/5

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