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Apr 14, 2009
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Cons:customer service, pain to clean and the burner set up

The Bottom Line: Poor product, poor customer service and poor warranty

In December I renovated my kitchen which included purchasing the Jenn Air cook topJGC9536 as well as a Jenn Air microwave, a Jenn Air convection oven, a Jenn Air dishwasher and a Jenn Air island mount hood.  I had done a significant amount of research and based on the features and price points, Jenn Air was the right choice for me. 

My new cook top was installed on December 24, 2008.  On January 3rd I first used the center/high output burner on the cook top.  I had put a 6 quart All Clad stainless steel pot filled with fingerling potatoes and cold water on to boil on high heat.  I kept watch over the pan and when it came up to the boil I added salt and then turned the heat down to keep a lower boil going and stirred the pot.  I walked to my living room and heard a loud pop.  My husband and I both rushed into the kitchen and saw that the cook top had cracked out from the center burner to the back edge of the glass, down to the front edge of the glass and diagonally to the right, around the bottom right burner to the lower right corner of the glass.   There were glass chips everywhere on the cook top.  I immediately turned off the burner and we cut the gas to the cook top since we did not know if it was safe to use. 
As this occurred after business hours, I called Appliance Direct and described the problem on Monday, January 5th.  My sales person said that he would get with Jenn Air and get a new glass top ordered.  I was also told by him that the cook top was perfectly safe to use in the meantime – which was a relief.  After many weeks of waiting for the back ordered glass top, which included Appliance Direct receiving a broken glass top from Jenn Air which was unusable, a fully intact glass top arrived and was scheduled to be installed on Friday, February 20th.  (Please note here the length of time for this first replacement.)  The service technician from Appliance Direct did take a look at the elements and noted that everything looked to be acceptable under the glass. 
On Sunday, February 22nd I put the same All Clad pot filled with peeled and cut potatoes with cold water on to boil.  When the water came up to boil, I turned down the heat and added salt, stirred and walked out to my living room.  I heard the same tell-tale pop and said “the cook top is breaking again”!  My parents were visiting and we all rushed into the kitchen to watch the cook top crack in almost the exact same way as it had on January 3rd, with shards of glass all around the cracked areas and all over the floor.  
On Monday, February 23rd, I called the sales person again and told him that it happened, he was flabbergasted!  He said that he would start the process to get another glass top again but recommended that I also make contact with Jenn Air customer service. 
I immediately called Jenn Air’s customer service at 1-800-536-6247 and spoke with Janice and related the entire story as above.  Janice was quite helpful and sent the request to the parts group, letting me know the process that would take place.  She also looked up the history of the model to determine if any recalls existed, but none did.  She recommended that I have the new glass top sent to my house as that may aid in it not being received broken as the one received by Appliance Direct may have been broken due to freight shipment.  Janice also said to call back in 48 hours as that is the turnaround time for the parts group to locate the needed item. 
On February 25th I called back and got Janice again, she looked up the record and said that they were still waiting for an update and recommended that I call back the next day, Thursday. 
I called on February 26th and spoke to Teshawn (sp) who was extremely unhelpful and rudely told me that I just needed to wait.  I felt this to be completely unacceptable and asked to speak to manager.  I was on hold for over 10 minutes when Keisha took my call.  She did take the time to read the notes in my file.   She relayed that there was still no update from the parts group (though she did confirm it was to have been 48 hours, and the delivery was to occur by 090306).  Keisha attempted to offer $50 for my time in the delay and I said I did not want the money; I want a cook top that isn’t going to break every time I use the middle eye.  I requested a new cook top; she said she was going to submit the request to the product review board for changing my cook top in its entirety to the JGC1536ADS model.  She told me she would have an answer in 48 hours, and I confirmed that she would have the answer on Monday March 2nd and she said yes.
I called again on March 2nd at approximate 1:00 pm CST.  I spoke with Lucas who informed me that as of 10:16 EST customer service sent an urgent message to the parts group needing an answer on the glass top.  He assured me that they would respond before 5:00 pm EST that day.  He then went on to say that Keisha was to call and let me know the status and that if I didn’t hear by 5:00 pm EST then call back.  I asked about the replacement to the new model and was told that was not documented in my file.
I did not receive a call back from Keisha or anyone at Jenn Air and proceeded to call for a status later on March 2nd.  I spoke with Paul who said that the glass top had been shipped via FedEx overnight and it would be delivered by 10:30 am. 
On March 3rd I received box with glass top and also received voicemail from Keisha that glass should have been delivered.  Upon inspection of the box, one corner had been crushed, ripped and re-taped.  While taking pictures of the box prior to opening, I stood box on end and heard glass pieces falling.  I did not open the box, once again called Jenn Air and Austin took my call.  He said that all he could offer was to re-order the glass again and that he could offer me an extra year warranty on the entire cook top.  I said that at this point in time that resolution is unacceptable and I asked to speak to a manager.  Eventually, about 10 minutes later, I was transferred to Nick.  After expressing my frustrations to Nick, I asked about the change to the other model and he told me again that request was not documented in my file.  Nick did state that this issue, the continually breaking glass, was not a common one.  I asked if it were possible to even get an entire new cook top of the same model as maybe there is something out of alignment with the interior burners which is causing the issue.  He said the only thing that he could do was to replace the broken part.  He did offer $75 for my trouble and I confirmed that I would receive the money and the extra year warranty and he said yes.  Another glass top is on order and I am to call back in 48 hours to check on status though the glass top is once again on back order. 
On March 5th I received another box with glass top.  This one appears to be intact though the holding points for the grates are missing.  Scheduled installation for March 18th where they will have to remove the holding points from the current, broken cook top and insert on the new one prior to installation.  I am told this is not an easy operation.  
I used the high output burner a few times to bring a 3 quart pot of water to boil and then transferred that pot to one of the other burners to cook pasta; this did not seem to pose a problem for the unit.  I used the high output burner on Sunday, April 12 with a 15 inch paella pan and once again it popped and broke.  I called the 800 number on Tuesday April 15th and spoke to Jackie who had a hard time pulling up my account, when no one else has.  She was incredibly rude, would not let me state what was wrong and what I wanted to accomplish with the call.  She put me on hold when I was in the middle of a sentence and then came on and said that my file would be referred and that I would receive a call in 24 to 48 hours with resolution.   I asked about the replacement with model number JGC1536ADS and she told me that she could not do anything about that and I would have to wait for a call back in 24 to 48 hours.  Jackie did not provide good customer service call on Jenn Air’s behalf and I am very unhappy with how I was treated.

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